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Monday, July 13, 2009

Siddarth in "Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana" (2005)

This one was originally titled "Novvusovvustanastananteante Nenoddonendanodtandananana", but they shortened it, probably to help fight global warming. Siddarth's on my list definitely for his face, 'cause otherwise he's kind of a small guy - but that face is sure beautiful:

For most of the movie he had this awful Beatles mop:

I didn't think anything could erase his good looks, but that haircut nearly succeeds! I suppose people his age might find it attractive, though, how would I know? I did like it better when it was a little longer and less bowl-like:

No shirtless scenes, just a couple of armpits:

Some smooth-looking legs:

A few shots of his cute, little ass:

All a bit too boyish for MY tastes, but I know not everyone likes big buffalos like I do, either. I thought this initiation scene was rather daring:

I just hope he doesn't hurt himself with that thing - it looks dangerous!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Siddarth in "Ayudha Ezhuthu" (2005)

Last post on this movie. Don't even tell me you don't think Siddarth is the cutest little doe-eyed guy EVER:

He looks like he's barely out of his teens (he was actually 26). He's not really "hot" like the other two stars - but he did take his shirt off once:

And despite being a small, kind of slender guy, he's got a very nice butt:

Another shot, running in his sweats:

I thought this next, somewhat-blurry shot was him, too, but on closer examination, I think it must actually be Surya:

Here's a quick flash of an extra's beautiful butt:

And then there's always some good cop-butt in every film:

Now, brace yourselves - I'm going to be gone tomorrow and Saturday, so NO POSTS! Sorry! I'll be back Sunday. Live and prosper.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Siddarth in "Rang De Basanti" (2006)

I don't know which one is handsomer, Kunal or Siddarth. Here's a pic of Siddarth that's not from this film:

Absolutely gorgeous!!! A couple from the film showing his big, pouty lips:

I usually say I don't really like "cute" guys, but he takes the word to all new levels of meaning. I loved the way he looked in the 'film within the film':

In the scene where the four main characters took their shirts off, he was probably the least developed of them (on the far left), although still looking quite good:

Whereas Sharman and Kunal were surprisingly well-defined. In the post on Aamir, I said Siddarth looked buttless, but I guess it depends on the pants. It looks only OK here:

A little better here on the right:

And this cop knew which of the rioters to drag away - I'd pick him, too!

In this pic of the four boys together, he actually has the nicest looking ass of all (2nd from right):

Tight and firm! Madhavan had a guest appearance in the movie, too, but I didn't find any great caps of him. Not a heck of a lot in this movie - hopefully better ones to come!