Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aa Dinagalu (2007)

So I finally saw my very first Kannada (Kannadan?) film! It was quite good, actually. It's funny, but for quite a while, I thought the main guy was Prashanth acting under another name (Chetan), until I decided he wasn't husky enough to be Prashanth. This Chetan guy sure could be Prashanth's brother, though:

That's the only cap I made and I don't think it necessarily does him justice - I found him extremely attractive and his thick black hair was gorgeous. I found this guy even more sexy, though:

Although he was very tall and lean, even thin. That hairstyle seems to be very popular down Karnataka way, here's another of the cute bad guys:

There wasn't much of anything to see chest- or butt-wise, but I sure liked this view of yet another bad guy:

Not sure I've ever seen a shot quite like that before in an Indian film! Click on it for bigger size.

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It's Kannada :)