Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vennela (2005)

I got this one to look at Sharvanand again, and he was very cute in it:

Although he looked horrible when he grew long hair and a beard. This guy, Madhu Reddy, had the best physique in the film:

But his looks didn't do anything for me. This one, Kishore, had a big hairy belly and a big (hairy?) ass:

So he was, of course, my favorite. The movie also had Mohit Shah, who was so cute in "Flavors", but he didn't have any good scenes. And the villain, Ravi Varma, had very sexy dark looks. The rest of the caps I made can be found here sorry, are no longer available.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Peek at Prateik

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to this movie!!!!!

He's an entire new level of gorgeousity! These caps are from a casting short. I have a feeling I may hit an all-time high number of caps when this one finally comes out on DVD!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Naqaab (2007)

I thought this one was pretty good, too - I guess I'm easy to please! There wasn't even much to see in it - Akshaye kept pretty well covered, with his ample fur only sticking out of his collar, except for one fairly good shot in bed. And he did have a number of good jeans shots:

Butt since there wasn't anything OUTSTANDING in the movie, I just stuck the caps at the end of the December folder sorry, no longer available. Vikas Kalantri didn't have a single scene worth mentioning. And I was just pretending that Bobby Deol wasn't in it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blue (2009)

I was expecting this one to be really bad - so maybe those low expectations are why I found it fairly entertaining (in a mindless-action-movie way). Some of the stunts were really eye-popping. Plus, Zayed looked beautiful, Akshay was sexy even without his chest hair and even old Sanjay looked nice and beefy. And there were lots of shirtless scenes (here Zayed):

I don't have lots more to say about it (I mentioned that Zayed was beautiful, didn't I?), so I'll let the 64 caps I made speak for themselves!! Sorry, no longer available.

Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii (2007)

Not much of anything in this one, which turned out to be a kid's film. A couple of pics of Rahul Bose without his shirt:

But nothing to write home about. A couple of other shots in the December file sorry, are no longer available.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Golmaal: Fun Unlimited (2006)

I thought Sharman would be the star of the show, but Tusshar had MUCH the nicer shots - who knew he was so well-endowed in back??

That one sequence made it worthwhile. The movie was OK, although I found it a bit long and tedious. I'm surprised they made the sequels, although I can't wait to see (and cap) more Kunal Khemu!! A bunch of pics from this first one are in a new folder here sorry, no longer available.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Biwi Ho To Aisi (1988)

Which translates to, "So your wife's a ho...", is that right? I had to see this as it was Salman Khan's debut film, but all I could find was a low-quality version on YouTube. I loved the fact that Salman's first moment on screen was a dancing butt-wiggle:

Quite a thin, little reed he was back then, though with definite sex appeal:

I can easily see how he caught on. Just a few caps from this one, in the December file sorry, no longer available.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Insaaf: The Justice (2004)

I really enjoyed this one. The game I was hunting this time was Sanjay Suri, but there wasn't too much to his role (although he looked beautiful). Dino Morea once again stole the show and gave us lots of shots of his perky butt, although he never went shirtless. He did strip down to his undershirt a few times:

The only guy who did take off his shirt was the scummy rapist, although he was nice and hairy. I made so many caps of Dino's ass, that this one gets its own folder sorry, no longer available.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Udaan (2010)

Ms. Firebolt told me I needed to see "Udaan" and I thought she meant because it had lots of male skin in it; but now I think it was just because it's such an excellent movie, which it is, indeed. And so I am thankful for the recommendation on that account. And Ronit Roy was looking excellently fit, even if he never pulled off his shirt. He did have a bouncy behind on display:

Ram Kapoor looked as big as a house, but I still think he's sexy. The young guy was cute and he took off his shirt, too, but he was 17 in the movie (whatever he is in real life), so no caps of that! But certainly a film to put on your viewing list. Other caps in the December file sorry, are no longer available.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Daulat (1982)

What's not to like when Vinod Khanna spends most of a film in the tightest white trousers possible??

Perhaps the finest butt ever designed! I can certainly see how a young boy whose face is at about a grown man's butt height and had a father like Vinod, might become gay. NOT that Akshaye or Rahul are gay, I'm just saying it COULD have happened that way, if it did, which I'm not saying. It certainly would have happened in my case, though. Raj Babbar was also in the film and looked quite handsome - I could see more of Prateik than Arya in his face. Perhaps men put more of themselves into their children when their semen is lustful instead of dutiful. But that is a question for science. I made like 75 pics of Vinod's butt, so they're all in a new folder sorry, no longer available.

Banam (2009)

I wanted to see Randheer Reddy again, since he was so hunky in "Happy Days". He looked even sexier with a beard, but there was very little else to see of him:

The main guy of the film, Nara Rohit, was good, but he didn't really excite me one way or the other. My favorite part was when he defended himself with the power of....the hammer and sickle!

AGAINST the Hindu trihsula used by the bad guy! I'm not sure if I've ever seen the hammer and sickle used as a supernatural object before. A couple of other pics from the film in the December folder sorry, are no longer available.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bikram Saluja Workout Videos

Someone sent me these links a long time ago - I just finally got around to them. The shorter video is better despite the number box in the middle of the screen - at least you can see his hairy chest some:

Although, being YouTube, it's not exactly crystal clear. The longer video is here and the few caps I made from both videos are here sorry, are no longer available.

Pyaar Impossible (2010)

A charming enough movie, although Uday forgets that it's his muscles and butt that we all want to see out of his films. The muscles were absent altogether and the butt nearly so. Dino had a couple of better scenes, butt not by much:

I have to admit, even I was amazed by Priyanka Chopra's beauty (what is happening to me??). Anyway, the dozen caps I bothered to make are in the December folder sorry, no longer available.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Main, Meri Patni...aur Woh! (2005)

People ask me over and over again - when are you going to have more Varun Badola? The only thing requested more (probably) is Rajpal Yadav, and this movie had both!! OK, kidding, butt they both have VERY nice asses. There weren't any great shots of Varun - this was about it:

And I'm always going on about how short men have the nicest butts, well here's Rajpal's to prove it:

He looked quite handsome in this movie, actually. More pics in the December folder sorry, are no longer available.

Anamika (2009)

I found a picture of Arun on India Glitz and posted it a while back and someone kindly identified him for me. I watched about half of this movie, and although his face doesn't do too much for me:

Boy, does he ever have it where it counts!

A dozen or so pics in the new folder for December sorry, are no longer available.

Misc Stuff

I'm trying a new thing with this post - e-mailing it in with the pics, so we'll see how it works. I've continued to look around the India Glitz site. This beefy Malayali guy from "Chaverpada" looks very hot:

Don't know his name, though - do tell, if you do! Nagarjuna's son isn't the same big musclestud that his dad is, but he sure is CUTE!

Somewhere I read someone saying that Sikander Kher was India's ugliest actor - I don't agree at all!! He looks much better with his hair cut, too, and he's really quite studly:

I'm really looking forward to his return to the screen. And here's a pic from Shewar Ali's Facebook page (if it's really his page):

I've had a lot of fun looking at all the Indian's stars' pages on Facebook and even chatted with a couple of the minor ones. Most of the major stars don't reply. But Himanshu Malik made me his friend, which I think is about the same thing as asking me to marry him, isn't it? I'm thinking it's about time I got the copy of "Khwahish" off my shelf and did a thorough revisiting at large size!! And speaking of marriage, it looks like Vivek Oberoi and Allu Arjun have both been taken off the market, sigh.