Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Files

Over on the Picasa site, sorry, no longer available, there are caps for the following films for October:

  • Satyam (2003) - with Sumanth
  • Game (1993) - with Rahul Roy
  • Lashkar (1989) - with Sumeet Saigal, Hemant Birje, Javed Jaffrey and Aditya Pancholi
  • Lover Boy (1985) - with Rajeev Kapoor and Feroz
  • Chinnodu (2006) - with Sumanth and Rahul Dev
  • Betaab (1983) - with Sunny Deol (which several people had requested)
  • Fox (2009) - with Arjun Rampal
  • Madhumasam (2007) - with Sumanth
  • Shaheed (1965) - with Manoj Kumar
  • Classmates (2007) - with Sumanth and Sharvanand
  • Sanjay (1995) - with Ayub Khan
  • Poovellam Kettuppar (1999) - with Surya

There are also some cricket pics from the Australia vs. Pakistan series (2010), a redo big-size of a great butt shot of Sharman Joshi from Style (2001), and a few other assorted pics. The Briyanshu Miscellaneous folder has new non-Indian pics in it as well.

The first question is, why so much Sumanth? Well, I bought all of his films some time ago and I'm just getting around to them now. There are only two left to go. He hasn't been as exciting in any of them as he was in his first film - he seems to have gotten skinnier as time goes on! Most of the others I watched this month were also ones that had been sitting on my shelf for a long time.

There's a "Kaun hai?" tag for guys I'd like to identify - particularly the hot stud who showed up at the end of "Madhumasam". Please let me know if you know who any of them are.

The Picasa site might not be quite as fun as the blog, but it's all I have time for and at least the pics are big and you can crop them however you like! Heck, use them on your own blog, I don't care! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adding the Archives

Since I haven't been watching many movies lately, at that same Picasa site noted in the post below, I'll be (slowly) putting up my cap archives. This includes all the caps which I did not use on the blog. There are THOUSANDS of them, and I don't have the time to tag them all, but I'll separate them by month, so if you find a pic you like, you should be able to go to the blog for that month and find out who the actor is or what the film was. Plus, they'll all be full size and many of them pre-crop. Should give the die-hard among you something to do!! I just added a folder for half of January 2010.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Site

I'm trying an experiment in uploading caps I make to Picasa Albums - I think this will be less of a chore for me than the blog, so maybe I'll stay in business this way. I won't be updating it every day or anything, but I am still watching movies now and then and making a few caps. The benefits are that it doesn't reduce the size of the pics and it uploads them all very quickly. Plus I won't have to write the blog posts. I'll be uploading some of my backlog today, try going here:

Or, if that doesn't work, there are two individual folders, one for pics I would normally have put on the main blog:

And one for those I would normally have put on the Miscellany blog:

Look at the tags to see what movie a pic is from or who the actor is (if I know or remember). Feedback welcome!