Friday, May 28, 2010

Saleem Baig in "Gharshana" (2004)

Or Saleem Panda, as I believe he now calls himself. What an absolute gorgeous, sexy, muscular hunk of everything I could ever want!!! I get a thrill just looking at his face! It's so wide - as is his mouth, with those plump lips and that wavy hair hanging over it, I just can't stop looking at him:

I don't want any other men to play with - I just want you, Saleem!!! Literally, my heart flutters and skips a beat when I just look at any of his pictures - I find him that desireable. I didn't have the DVD, these are just from YouTube (hence the small size). The first part is here, but he doesn't show up until about part four. Not long after that, he has a short shirtless scene:

No butt shots that I could see, but I'm sure it's great, because he's VERY thick and muscular - probably akin to Sohail Khan, even. I hope he keeps getting better parts, because he's definitely a Briyanshu Front-Bencher!!!

Other Men of "Tom, Dick and Harry" (2006)

An extra with a big ass in tight jeans:

Too bad it was a night scene. The bad guy, Gulshan Grover (yes, I'm sure this time), had a bunch of muscular studs in his evil lair - two of my favorites:

I know I've seen that first guy in other movies before. This next guy takes the prize for absolute MEGABUTT!!!

My dream in life - to meet a butt like that!! Well, OK, I do have Misbah, butt you can just never get enough. Gulshan had pictures of the worst men in history on his walls - Hitler, Stalin, Bin Ladin, and, um, Josef Haydn?

Pardon my ignorance, but I have no idea who that is or why he ranks up there with the likes of Hitler. Was he some hated British Governor of India?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jimmy Shergill and Anuj Sawhney in "Tom's Dick is Hairy" (2006)

Sometimes I think Jimmy Shergill is really handsome and then sometimes he just looks tired - and this was definitely one of those latter times:

It must be the circles under his eyes. He's not really well built, but he's not too shy to take off his shirt, even when Dino's around:

A couple of butt pics:

And that about finishes him off. I got the movie because it was Anuj's turn for a post - I do find him very attractive:

Well, I got him with an odd expression there, but his character in the movie was blind, so he looked that way a lot, like in the latter two of these physique shots:

He just had one shirtless scene but the camerman didn't follow approved Briyanshu guidelines:

Too far, then too close! One basket shot:

And a few good looks at his very cute ass:

Butt usually these "harmless fun"-type movies have a little more in them than that!