Thursday, April 29, 2010

Abhishek Bachchan in "Naach" (2004)

Abhishek is just so sexy - is he ever one desirable man:

That stubble, those lips!!

I know, he married some dumb broad and he's off the market now - but we can always fantasize. As sexy as his father was at his age, I'd choose Abhishek, just because he's not as skinny (various assorted body shots):

His butt pics (at least in this one) were a little inconclusive:

It looks good, butt it's definitely in need of some tighter pants!! I must write to Raj & Pablo and see if they'll suggest it to him!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zayed Khan in "Vaada" (2005)

I got this movie because it was Zayed's turn in the rotation, but (like usual), he didn't give us much to go on. I find him completely handsome and hot:

One of my favorite things in the world being slicked, thick black hair - exactly like this:

He is muscular, but he only teased us a bit:

Nice butt, not many great shots, though:

One of these days he'll show us some really good skin - in fact, I'd like to see him in "Dostana 2"!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arjun Rampal in "Vaada" (2005)

Not nearly as much in this movie as I thought there would be, what with Arjun and Zayed in the leads. Arjun as handsome as ever, of course:

Especially with his pitch black goatee and moustache:

No shirtless scenes, just one of his back:

And that's just how I'd like him! A couple of crotch shots:

A few of his not-huge ass:

These are the best ones, butt they could be a stunt double:

And I really like this pic - both for his face and his, um, haunches:

So nothing too remarkable. Zayed tomorrow. Remember to check out the other blog, too!