Sunday, March 21, 2010

Puneet Issar in "Mahabharat", Ep. 91

This episode had rather a short scene of Puneet, at first underwater and then emerging to meet Praveen Kumar:

I was hoping for a naked wrestling match between the two, but it didn't happen.

Gopichand in "Ontari" (2008), Part Two

Gopi may not have the hugest ass, butt he sure knows how to package it well - the proof in pics, without further ado:

I do hope these 196 pics of it will have convinced you that there is some truth to my thesis!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gopichand in "Ontari" (2008), Part One

What a sexy man Gopichand is - and that's even when he's clean-shaven! Put a beard on him and, well (ultra-sigh):

Masculine, manly, tough (I love the scar on his nose) - yet also likeable and friendly, he's an all-around winner. Oh, and I forgot - he's got quite the body, too! A few general shots (including some great hairy shoulders):

Before moving straight on to his phenomenal hairy chest:

Maybe not as huge as, say, Sunny or Puneet, but he's handsomer and a little browner, er, wheater, which I like more. Here are some close-up parts:

I'm sure that last pic is a fluke, caused by those incredibly tight jeans he favors (more on which tomorrow!). Poor guy had a trip to the hospital:

But, like any tough guy aiming to keep holding his head up high, he soon ripped out all those unnecessary tubes and needles and was right back out there lookin' for trouble:

Somehow he keeps missing my apartment, though! All his butt shots tomorrow, and more Puneet!

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