Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mukesh Rishi in "Jeeo Shaan Se" (1997)

Mukesh was looking hotter than EVER in this movie:

The beard just puts him over the top - incredible!! PLUS, he had a couple of shirtless scenes and his physique was phenomenal:

Man, if only the quality of the print had been better! Those hairy legs are phenomenal, too!!

Ayub Khan in "Jeeo Shaan Se" (1997)

Ayub, my favorite little butter ball:

Truthfully, he was more stocky than chubby at this point, as you can see from some of these pics:

I don't know why they shot all the best scenes in long-shot, it's very annoying, but you can at least see that he had a relatively flat stomach (and a very nice treasure trail!). He had one quick shirtless scene in his hospital bed:

And appears to have some nice pecs! The Khan family jewels:

A nice shot of his butt, which wasn't looking too chubby yet, either, it looked good:

A couple of (not very good) pics where it does look stockier:

Obviously the film print wasn't too good, I did what I could with it. I have one of Ayub's early starring roles on my shelf - I'll get to it one of these days.

Jay Mehta in "Jeeo Shaan Se" (1997)

At least I'm guessing this is Jay Mehta - I'm not really sure. I wasn't really crazy about his looks:

He's OK. What I noticed right from the start about him, though, was his fine butt presence:

And he looked quite fit and hairy in the underwear sequence:

And even stripped down to his bikini - not that you could see anything really well, as it was a night scene:

You can barely see it at that size, but his butt looked excellent in the bikini. It was hard to tell who was who in the fight scene (he and Vikas were wearing the exact same jeans), butt I believe these are Jay:

And he had an EXCELLENT little shot in his tennis shorts:

Who cares about a guy's face when he's got a perfect ass like that!?!?

Australia vs. Pakistan, Test One, Day Two

A couple of other face pics of the handsome Abdur Rauf:

He seemed to be quite tall as well, although I think he needs a new haircut. Kamran Akmal, always a favorite:

Of mine, anyway - I understand he didn't do so well in the second test match! Faisal Iqbal:

Nice and meaty! Salman Butt's butt:

I'd like to get some better pics of it. Shane Watson - I'm not a big fan of blonds, but I'd make an exception in his case (that's for sure!!):

A VERY big fellow:

Just an amazing ass, although it's funny that it's big horizontally and, um, depthwise, but not vertically (by contrast, Misbah's is big in all three directions). Going back to the Pakistan side, here is Mohammad Yousuf:

And here he is puckering up to give Misbah a nice kiss:

I'm not jealous - I realize my Misbah is irresistible (just look at that ass)!!!