Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aditya Pancholi in "Desh Ke Dushman" (1989)

A small post on Aditya today - he didn't show too much in this movie. As we've said before, his big mane gives him a lion-like look:

I did think he looked VERY sexy with a beard:

Cop pants:

And the only scene that was of any use, this fight shot:

For the time being, I'll probably just be posting on the weekends - I have some pics saved up from before I took my little break, and I'll post those. Unfortunately, my previous posting schedule is unsustainable! :(

Cricket Sunday

A couple of final pics from the 2nd test match, Pakistan vs. NZ, last month. More Kamran Akmal (he is truly gifted):

And Ross Taylor (ditto):

I'm hoping to get some of the Australian matches, too, because Misbah was back to his usual top form:

Ayyyy - pass the smelling salts!!! One other pic - I have to say that this is a very good shot of Virender Sehwag:

It shows a side of him we haven't seen before!

A Few Extra Guys

I thought this guy from "Film Star" was good-looking (it's the beard), but he didn't stick around very long:

And in "Vanna Vanna Pookkal", I thought this guy was sexy:

I even like his big hair! At first, I thought this was Praveen Kumar (in "Desh Ke Dushman"), but I don't think so now:

Same giant size, though, and nice massive ass! The rest of these are from that same movie - this was one of the bad guys:

Nice build - he had a pretty decent-sized part, but I didn't take more caps of him. This young guy was very cute and wore his jeans high and tight:

I sure wish there had been a lot more to see of this very good-looking, muscular extra:

Lots of potential there! Bob Christo is my favorite white guy in Indian films, because he's so big and burly:

Although there weren't many good shots of him this time. One final pic - some policemen pushing a car:

Always one of the best butt poses - in Briyanshu Studios films, cars would be breaking down left and right!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not in the Mood

Sorry, I haven't been in the mood for this in the past few days - maybe this weekend! Work is very busy right now.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prashanth in "Vanna Vanna Pookkal" (1991)

Prashanth was just 18 when he made this - and he looked SOOOO young (as, well, I guess you would at that age), with his "My First Moustache":

He already had his thick-set build:

And I assume he must have already had a teeny-bopper audience, because the entire movie was him taking off his shirt or wearing the tightest pants imaginable. The shirt was off from his very first scene, although he was a bit on the pudgy (or baby fat) side:

He liked to walk around in his little dhoti-thingy, including a few shots looking right up it:

And then there's that big ass!!! It's always been in the top five or so of my list and even at this age it was already incredible (please pardon the dozen similar pics, but each angle is precious to me):

What a glorious talent - and that's when he's not even trying! Look at it when he's actually emoting:

Ayayayayay!!! And if they put you in some jeans that aren't as tight, then you just take off the shirt again:

That's one smart boy!! Just to make sure we all remembered him well, he even had a scene in his wet jeans:

AND another in his wet dhoti:

Looks like he's giving them a good wash there! Sigh, why couldn't I have met him then....