Thursday, December 31, 2009

Abbas in "V.I.P." (1997)

Abb-ass is a long-time favorite of mine; I think he's quite handsome:

He has such a FANTASTIC build, just so thick and husky:

AND he's hairy - as you can see in these chest shots:

Stocky and furry, what more could you want?? Well, a big round ass would be nice:

Check!! These are a bit dark, butt it's worth taking a close look:

It's funny, but I don't like the action shots as much:

It's hefty, butt they make it look a bit lumpy, too. I much prefer simple shots, like these from the side:

Or these very nice displays:

Butt my very favorite shot is always the "just standing there" pose:

Ahhh...that's just perfection - and what a nice way to send out the old year!! Hope you all have a Very Happy New Year!!!