Friday, October 30, 2009

Imran Khan in "Luck" (2009)

There's beautiful, and then there's stunningly beautiful:

Perfectly smooth skin, the eyebrows are to die for, the curly hair, and the lips!

I read somewhere someone saying, "Thank God, he's finally shaved down his eyebrows" and I thought, "NOOOO!!!", 'cause they're one of his biggest strengths! I wonder if he didn't trim them at all, if they'd completely meet and be one huge, thick unibrow?

I'd love to see it in its completely natural state! He's got kind of a boyish, though muscular, figure - there was only this one shot of him in a muscleshirt:

There was one quick glimpse of a tuft of underarm hair in the "Making of..." video:

He definitely has a small butt:

I mean, if you can't even make a good shot walking upstairs...although this shot of him holding his trousers tight made it look very cute:

Here he displayed his underwear:

Butt my favorite shot was this one, where the camera has obviously added some heftiness to it:

Which couldn't please me more!!

Rajendra Kumar in "Talaaq" (1958)

I was hoping that Rajendra would still have the super-young, cute appearance that he had two years before in "Toofan aur Deeya", but in those two years he developed right into the Rajendra of the '60's:

Beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, beautiful lips. And he kept taking his shirt off, not that he's incredibly muscular or anything:

But I always appreciate effort. His legs are VERY hairy:

He even had a couple of nice shots in wet trousers:

Here he is with "a pillow named Briyanshu":

Oh, sometimes I know I was just born into the wrong era!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tarun Arora in "Hawas" (2004) (Redo)

I was just reading that Shawar Ali has some new films coming up, but Tarun really seems to have dropped off the planet - which is a pity, because he's one of the best-looking guys in Bollywood, IMHO:

Sigh. Black hair is just the greatest invention since the butt was discovered. I could just stare at him and his blackness forever:

Quite a hunk, too:

And he showed it off:

Some better ones:

Although you can't really see too much, I did like this little series on the surfboard a lot:

His butt in general seemed a bit average (though certainly dusted with divine black hair!):

A few shots in jeans:

And one final sexy shot:

Oh, just look at that female claw - Tarun, it's time you went gay (and not just for pay)!