Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Returning Soon!

UPDATE #2: Well, my old computer died two days before my new one arrived, and then my brand new one completely died after only three days! I have to send it back in the mail and it's a big, stupid hassle. But thankfully, no one is holding their breath for my return, so I don't have to worry! I've had such bad luck, I think someone's telling me I need to step away from the computer and actually go outside or something.

UPDATE: OK, I'm in my new place, I have a brand new computer, but I only got internet last night and I still have to set up everything - so a couple more days and I'll be back - I'm even back in the blogging mood!

I know I haven't been posting much lately anyway, but I'm finally moving to my new place tomorrow, and I won't have internet at home for a week. If that doesn't kill me, then I'm hoping I can get back into the blogging business once I'm settled in there. Talk to you in a week!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Amit Jain from YouTube

What, you didn't want to look at Aslam Khan forever?? Well, I'm still having software problems with DVD's, but I do have the ability to cap from YouTube again, so I'll look at the long list of videos people have suggested to me and give them a shot. I first went searching for Amit Jain, since he only made the one movie and I wanted to see more of him. Here are some not-very-clear shots from this video on YouTube:

I can't BELIEVE he ruined his chest with that big tattoo!! Butt anyway, what I really wanted to see was his big ass (as he has one of the best), and among a million "Basera" videos I didn't have time to watch, I lucked out in finding this one:

That is a real beaut of a butt!! If you know of any other good videos of him out there, let me know and I'll put them in the queue for when it's next his turn in the rotation. Hmmm, I wonder if I can download from Rajshri again, let me go check on that....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Aslam Khan in "Nayee Padosan" (2003)

Aslam Khan is one of my very favorites - even if I think I may be in the minority on this! His unibrow is comical, yet sexy and adorable at the same time:

Not only does he not pluck out his brow, but he also is probably the ONLY actor I've seen who has chest hair growing up onto his throat - and leaves it there!

Some shirtless shots in the post further down. Another thing I love about him is that he's burly - and nothing beats hairy and burly together:

Particularly when it means hairy, burly-butt (I'm presuming on the hairy part - butt it MUST be):

He's very young, so maybe it's still in the pre-burly stages, butt it's getting there:

And you can be sure that I will continue to monitor its progress!!

Vikas Kalantri in "Nayee Padosan" (2003)

I haven't had too much of Vikas on here, but his black eyes are extraordinary:

He's got a good physique:

A moderate amount of hairiness:

And a "packed" butt, too:

So, like Anuj, he's cute and has lot of good qualities, but he's just lacking a certain something to make him a first-rung Briyanshu Boy - NOT that I'd push him out of bed!!

Aslam and Vikas Take Some More Off

This is the scene I REALLY remember from the first viewing:

I love Aslam's furriness (including the shoulders and back!) and general burliness, while Vikas looks extremely hot, too!!