Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mahajan Saurabh in "Contract" (2008)

[I had previously identified this actor as Prasad Purandare - thanks to Prasad for letting me know his correct name!] I think I got this actor's name right. At any rate, I saw a clip from this film and after one look at him, I HAD to get it. His coloring is FABULOUS:

Saturation black everywhere!!! Muscular, too:

And he had a good shirtless scene at the beach - except that both he and the camera were constantly moving, so it was very difficult to get many non-blurry shots:

And a couple of butt shots:

I admit there could easily have been some things I missed in this movie. It arrived just after I decided I needed a break, and I scanned pretty quickly through the second half. I've only seen one Hindi film since, so I guess it's about time to get back to viewing, na? In fact, maybe I'll watch one right now!

Other Pics from "Heroes" (2008)

This movie was the first time that I thought Mohnish was finally showing his age:

Definitely showing his 40's all of a sudden. Sunny Deol's been that way for a while now, butt I did like these shots of him on the ground. This was probably the most ludicrous fight scene I've ever seen in an Indian film (and that's saying something!) - not only did he fight off an entire gang of toughs all by himself (with them flying off through walls, etc.), he did it from the ground, being paralyzed in the legs!!!

His ass looked convincing, though. A few Punjabi extras who caught my eye:

A hot dancer:

And some soldier butt:

Not the most exciting collection of pics ever assembled, but hey, a minute's diversion. :)

Some Pics from "Bewitched"

"Bewitched" was my favorite series when I was growing up; I think it's always had a large gay following. I've been watching it on DVD for some months now, one episode each night before bed, and of course this scene caught my eye:

Heck, I even like the blond guy (except for the hairstyle). And why don't guys where corduroys anymore?

They look even better than jeans on a guy with a nice butt! This next guy (Jack T. Snow) was a real American football player at the time (about 1970):

He sure has what I like - probably another subconscious youthful influence!! OK, now back to our regularly scheduled Indians!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vatsal Seth in "Heroes" (2008)

So this was Sohail's little buddy in the film - quite an attractive guy:

[This next pic is NOT Vatsal (thanks, Rajiv!) - my mistake]

As beautiful as any model at times:

And a cute smile - it's like he smiles with his nose and pulls up his entire upper lip:

He went shirtless several times, and while he's not beefy like Sohail, he certainly has a good physique:

Some pics of the two together:

Butt comparison (really, there is no):

And file this under miscellaneous, his hairy legs:

The movie also had Sunny Deol in it - a little bit on him next time.