Friday, July 31, 2009

Uday Chopra in "Charas" (2004)

It's been AGES since I had a post on Uday (March '08, in fact); I didn't realize he had made any other films than the few I had already seen. Butt I hunted this one down (and I understand that he's making a few new ones). Not the handsomest guy ever:

Although I admit that I personally kind of like his looks and then he's so thick-set:

That's why I have such a thing for short men - tall guys just can't achieve that body ratio (but Uday, really, if you're going to build all those muscles, you should at least take off your shirt, dude!). Same goes for a short guy's butt (I mean, just think of Kunal Khemu!), nice and thick:

I liked this scene a lot:

Even closer shots:

And what he could do for a pair of cop pants!

I would have loved to have seen him running around in those!! He and partner Jimmy stopped by the side of the road for a little break, though only Uday was brave enough to actually go on camera:

While Jimmy just stood there. Nevertheless, Jimmy had some good pics in the movie, too, and we'll have him next!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vinod Khanna in "Pathar Ki Insaan" (1990)

Vinod was in his early forties by this point, but still looking VERY hot:

Love that thick build! He opened up his shirt for us:

Getting a little bit of a belly there - but it's so sexy! Of course, it's his MASSIVE ass that interests me most:

I thought this was going to be the jeans scene of all jeans scenes, butt they never quite got the right angle:

He looked great in these, though, even if the pics were a bit fuzzy:

Butt these were my definite favorites:

They finally admitted their love and fell into each other's arms - I'm such a sucker for a happy ending!

Jackie Shroff in "Pathar Ki Insaan" (1990)

I'm back - I've just been in the mood for other things this past week. I'll see if I can't put up a few posts today, though. Jackie was only in the third spot in this film, so there wasn't a lot to see of him, but I thought he looked very handsome:

He had a quick shirtless scene, but he was running, so it was kind of blurry:

I liked this chest hair close-up:

Unfortunately, his tight jeans shot was too fuzzy to be of any use:

But he sure knows how to wear his cop pants!

It's almost like seeing him nude!! Vinod in a bit!