Sunday, May 31, 2009

Briyanshu Blog Turns Two!!!

It's unbelievable, but my first post on the blog was two years ago today! Who knew then that I'd still be at it today - certainly not me! I'm still enjoying it, so I don't see it stopping anytime soon. I was going to have a special set of posts today to celebrate the occasion, but the movies I ordered didn't arrive on time, so we'll just postpone that for a few days or a week. Butt I guarantee something special!

Thanks to all my regular readers - I appreciate your comments and recommendations. I know sometimes the blog is kind of boring these days, but after two years and 1361 posts, I've kind of run out of original things to say on the subject. Plus, it's only one of my three major hobbies - even though I obviously have LOTS of free time on my hands, often I'm just rushing to throw a couple of posts up and am not even trying to be creative. My audience has remained at about 750 people a day since the beginning of the year, but since the majority of people are finding it through a Google image search, I don't really know how many read it regularly.

So, here's to another year of glorious Indian men - hope you'll stay with me!!!

Hemant Birje in "Kasam" (2001)

Now, how could you have both Sunny Deol and He-Man in the same movie and have no shirtless scenes??? Does not compute! Hemant was only given a small role, but he was looking very fetching:

That's quite the cup there! I love a hairy arm, when the hair continues above the elbow:

I was just saying I think every movie should have the leads walking away from the camera in cop pants - and my wish was immediately granted!

In fact, Sunny liked it so much that once he got out of prison, he just picked up He-Man and carted him away:

And I don't blame him!! I only wish the scene I imagined coming next was actually in the film!! We'll have Sunny tomorrow (including a piece of his anatomy I don't think we've ever seen before!).

Anil Kapoor in "Yudh" (1985)

Even though Anil had a double role in this one, even the bad twin didn't show much skin (or fur). The hair on his head was huge, but I thought he looked really cute:

Just one little shot of his chest hair during his Elvis impression:

He couldn't quite pull off the black leather pants look:

In fact, the only good shot was of his pants in the rain:

According to the IMDB, this was already his 14th film, even though he was only 25 years old. I want to try and hunt down some more of these early films of his and see if he shows off more in any of them!

Praveen Kumar in "Yudh" (1985)

I'm ALWAYS interested in a Praveen Kumar appearance, but his appearance in this one was just downright bizarre!! They darkened his skin, gave him a big, round afro, and blue eyes, no less!

Pretty frightening, really!! Of course he's still a huge man, with some good hairy cleavage:

And a massive ass:

Butt I'm charging this director with a crime - misuse of a hunk!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jackie Shroff in "Yudh" (1985)

I wouldn't normally even have a post on Jackie Shroff, because he's never been one of my big favorites, but I have to admit there were several times in this where I thought he looked great:

Maybe I could even go so far as handsome! I'm not sure why he doesn't excite me, but he just kind of reminds me of a generic white guy - a bit like Jeff Foxworthy actually. He has some muscles, but who ever heard of a workout scene in a polo shirt?

Whose bright idea was that?? There were only a couple of other shots of his torso, including a swimsuit scene that was really just a bunch of still shots:

His pants were quite tight, at least:

Which is good, because all there was to look at were butt shots:

A little on the tall and lean side for my tastes, but he always has his defenders around here. And there were plenty of good moments in his cop pants:

A few others:

And then there was the scene which I wish were in EVERY film - the main star walking away from the camera, close-up, in cop pants:

Very good, butt why couldn't it have been Himanshu or Bikram or Prashanth or, drool, Misbah???

I didn't have time for Anil tonight, but I'll have him, and Praveen Kumar's VERY odd pics, next time. I don't think I'll be around tomorrow, so see you Sunday!