Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prashanth in "Jambhavan" (2006), Part One

I noted just the other day that I was feeling the need for a little Prashanth, so I ordered this one. I always like him better with some stubble on his face:

Butt it certainly isn't his face I'm most interested in! However, I'll save the ass pics for next time - today we'll concentrate on his amazing bulk! He's always been a pretty thick-set fellow, but he's added on quite a bit of weight and I think it looks great - very husky:

I thought maybe we could actually see something under the towel here (I guess not), but I like how big his legs are looking:

Here's where I first noticed just how big he had gotten:

I love it!!! He's looking positively Polynesian!! [Oooh - I wonder if there's a Samoan film industry?!? Sallywood. That would make for some hot caps!!!] Then there was another shot showing almost his entire body, with another look up the towel:

But then this scene just beat everything:

WOW!!! I don't care if I'm the only one in the world who thinks so - but that's total hotness!!! Much better than those tight little model bodies. Pure beef:

Like some big ol' football linebacker!! One more look:

OK, Prashanth, maybe you need to get over yourself just a little bit - but you are all that, at least in Briyanshu's eyes!!!

Cricket Butt Thursday

I finally finished watching my DVD of the India-Australia test series from 2001 - these pics are from the 3rd match in Chennai. Not as great as I would have liked, butt a few nice shots. I'd never heard of Sairaj Bahutule, but he sure looks good from the back:

Not too much of Ganguly - this one shot in the field:

And one very slight peek at his belly:

Tendulkar is such a fireplug - his butt's so wide!

I mentioned in a previous cricket post that Sadagopan Ramesh was the real find for me - and I thought so here, too - both face and butt:

Man oh man!!! I'm not sure who these Indian team members were, butt they're looking good:

Zaheer Khan was also looking quite fine (on the left in the first pic, unknown Aussie on the right):

And of course he's a gorgeous hunk anyway. And then there's Rahul Dravid - everyone's favorite. I wasn't too impressed with most of the shots of him:

Until this shot totally made up for it!!

Gorgeous face, gorgeous ass!!! I'll have a few pics of the Aussie team later on, but they weren't too exciting this time around.