Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dara Singh in "Jaal Saaz" (1969), Part Two

Put a beard on Dara Singh and you've got one unbeatable hunk of pure manliness:

He's like a double-sized Ken Caminiti! Add a uniform with shorts and you've got everything I've ever wanted in life:

Nice gigantic legs he has, too:

Just look at how huge his overall build is:

For me, that's just absolutely the most PERFECT size for a man!!! And his butt was awesome in those shorts:

But the best thing about them was the front!

Quite the package there, Dara!!! I'll have one more small post on him later.

Cricket Tuesday

More pics from the 2001 India-Australia Test Series - this time the Second Match. We'll start with the Indians - here's Ganguly bowling and batting:

And Prasad bowling:

Laxman had a good close-up:

It's too bad they don't have their names on their back, since half the time I couldn't tell who was who. I don't know who any of these next guys are, except they were on the Indian team:

Maybe those of you who know them better can tell who they are. I also don't know who this guy is who took off his shirt (except that he's not Dravid, since he was on the field at the time):

Tendulkar might be pint-sized, but his ass sure ain't!

A close-up view:

And, always the best for last - Dravid, such a handsome guy:

And what a derriere!

More pics of Dravid's special talent:

And a nice shot of him kneeling down, showing his straps:

I was a little disappointed overall in the match, because there weren't any truly GREAT shots, but there's still another one on the DVD to go!! Australian guys tomorrow!