Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sammir Dattani and Others in "Dhoom Dadakka" (2008)

I think Sammir Dattani is about the most strikingly cute guy out there, so I'll just have to post a bunch of his face pics:

Because there wasn't much else to show anyway - a little of his also-cute butt:

The movie was so abysmally bad, that I barely managed even to fast-forward through it. That's why I can't tell you what this was about - Sammir had some sort of cousin or long-lost brother or something:

And they each had a mole on a certain part of their leg - Sammir actually had a zipper to show his off (on a surprisingly hairy leg!):

While the other guy had to pull down his pants to show off his:

I guess it's pretty dark - but you can see his bulge there - and that's about as exciting as this movie got! These two extra guys had nice asses:

While this huge linebacker could have been the best thing this side of Himanshu, if only the scene hadn't been out-of-focus:

Finally, there was also this excessively cute guy:

Who was, strangely enough, given Bobby Darling to be his love obsession throughout the film:

In Bobby's dreams - 'cause that ain't never goin' to happen!!

Mukesh Rishi and Others in "Sarfarosh" (1999)

There wasn't too much of Mukesh to see - as I said, I think the good scene that was recommended to me must have been cut out of the DVD I got. Anyway, he's always a pleasure to look at, hunk o' manmeat that he is:

He towered over Aamir - he must be a full foot taller. No shirtless shots, butt there were a few butt scenes, and that's what we're all about:

Another set:
That was it for him. Makarand Deshpande was in it, too - I just love his curly afros:

Too sexy with that big beard. Now where can I find HIS nude scenes in a movie?? This guy had a beefy, hairy chest, but I didn't really care for his looks too much:

I've seen him in other films before. Some of the militant villagers went shirtless - these two weren't bad:

While I liked this guy best:

We'll have some of the extra guys' butts tomorrow.

Other Guys from "Go" (2008)

Sorry guys, as I said before, I just haven't been in the mood for this lately - and I really wasn't in the mood this past week! Don't know why. But I have watched a few films and the caps are all backing up. Maybe I'll outsource the blog writing to India, if I can just locate a good butt blogger there. So anyway, my FAVORITE bit part player showed up again in "Go", and I was finally able to get his name, which turns out to be Dinesh Lamba:

Yeah, he's not pretty - but he's got everything I like in a man - especially his coloring and the obvious fact that he's a hairy beast on every inch of his body - I mean, look at those furry arms. And speaking of hairy beasts, check out this guy:

Now, there's chest hair and then there's chest hair!!! I bet this guy's hairy, too, but there was only his very striking face to look at:

Same with this big buffalo type:

I mean that you could only see his face, not that it was striking - butt not a single look at his body in the film, all's the luck. I thought this gruff-looking policeman was sexy and his butt wasn't too bad:

This extra had a nice rear:

While this one had by far the best butt in the film:

I'll have some more posts in a bit. The "new and improved" Internet Explorer 8 doesn't allow me to drag and drop pictures in Blogger (and neither does Firefox), so it's all sehr annoyisant at the moment. Butt I shall persevere in the interests of Butt Science.