Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deepak (Arjan Bajwa) in "Nee Thodu Kavali" (2002)

Before I had any idea who Arjan Bajwa was, I had seen a few pics of "Deepak" from this movie and immediately put it down on my long list of films I "had to get". So I recently ordered it, stuck it in the player and realized Deepak and Arjan were one and the same!! I guess he's made a number of Telugu films under that other name. ANYWAY, he's yet another guy with a perfect face:

His hair is absolute pure black; very beautiful. Here are a few rather different poses:

And here he is doing an Akshay impression:

Just a random pic I liked, showing his physique:

And thankfully he took off that shirt several times:

Even his armpit hair is pitch black, like two big holes! Like all red-blooded Indian men (in films), he likes his bubble bath:

And then there was another scene in which the camera travelled down his body:

Including a somewhat dark and blurred pic of his hairy legs:

A few looks at his package:

He has a beautiful face and body, but it's really his ass that is most magnificent. Just seeing him from afar, I would know right away that I HAD to get behind him for a look:

And in those jeans, you would then get treated to a sight something like this:

Great, although I'd prefer just a smidgeon tighter! Some other random shots:

Butt the best scene by far was his quick trip up the stairs. It's too bad this wasn't one of those 24 frames per second videos, because in close-up, these were the only pics that weren't completely blurry:

However, once he got further upstairs, there were a number of great shots:

I am so in love!!! This movie didn't have any subtitles, but it was your basic, "Arjan's wife dies in car crash, her heart is transplanted into other girl, and said heart brings second girl back to Arjan" story. Arjan kept his first wife's laugh as his cell phone ringtone, which I found quite creepy!! I will certainly keep a look out for his other Telugu films.


Amar said...

those pink and big nipples are calling out to be nibbled on..anyone care to join me?

gandmasti said...

now that's a gand i would love to plough and i am a bottom..imagine the tops!

Anonymous said...

arjan ki gand chodhne bahut mazaa aayega, bahut hie exy hai ye

Butter said...

Oooooooo! UMMMMMM!! SLURP!: sounds of orgasm looking at those massive mounds, love you ARJAN BAJWA, butt moreove what a sexy ass you have honey may i eat it?

Briyanshu said...

Arjan and his ass always bring out the comments!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh wow, where is this dude now? if i see him in person will pounce on his butt.