Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stud from "Karishma Kudrat Kaa" (1985)

After AA kindly pointed out that the guy in this post from "Anmol" was Deep Dhillon, I went in search of one of his earlier films and tried this one. But I never figured out exactly who Deep was in it. I'm fairly certain this studly man is NOT him, but he is studly nonetheless, so he gets his own post. I LOVE the big head of curls, especially with the moustache and beard:

And, of course, his well-fed, yet muscular, hairy torso:

Here he is at the Folsom Street Fair:

A little over the top even in that setting, but he was really popular, as you can imagine! I didn't get any great snaps of his ass:

But my personal favorites are these, where he just looks like a big side of (hairy) beef:

Wow - that defines sexiness for me!! Talk about a bear!

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