Friday, January 2, 2009

Other Men of "Karishma Kudrat Kaa" (1985)

I thought that maybe this guy was Deep Dhillon:

But then I saw this other guy in the lower left and wasn't sure anymore:

AA has been very concerned about me misidentifying actors, so maybe he can tell me if either of those guys is Deep. Mithun C. was the main star, and I don't really need to repeat myself again, do I??

Just don't understand his appeal - but for those of you who do - he did wear some skintight pants:

For what it's worth. On the other hand, even though Dharmendra had grown a big belly:

He was still a complete sexy turn-on:

This next guy had great muscles, but the scene was way too dark:

While I was just impressed by this guy's 'do:

It's a look. Manik Irani was also in it - a short post on him tomorrow. On another matter entirely - I discovered today that I have free access to Photoshop through my work place. Oh, dear....

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