Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prashanth in "Sehra" (1963)

Obviously this is a different, earlier Prashanth - another one I just tried on the basis of a DVD cover. I thought he was very handsome, and especially loved his curly hair:

In fact, he looked downright beautiful in this scene:

As you can see, he had a nice chest full of hair:

Which he showed off in several shirtless scenes:

And a few butt shots as well:

I don't know that I'll run out and get a bunch more of his films, but he's not bad at all!

Manik Irani in "Khilaaf" (1990)

Manik was looking so, so handsome in this one:

But even an Indian redneck can be hot:

Strong biceps and some good underarm hair:

In fact, his arms show that he's quite the hairy man:

Very sexy! As for his ass, this was a good shot, but the pants were too baggy:

Butt I know from other movies that he does have a really good one, and you could see it here in this mud wrestling scene:

Really quite incredible, in fact!!

Vivek Mushran in "Saatwan Aasman" (1992)

Vivek was another new guy I thought I'd try out, just based on his pic on the front cover of the DVD. He was pretty cute:

But, as far as I could see, he was a skinny guy with no butt to speak of. The biggest thing about him was his hair. After half-an-hour of the very bad film, the DVD kept freezing, so I gave up. He didn't excite me enough to request another copy of the film - but if I thereby missed something incredible, just let me know!

Cricket Tuesday

OK, I'm back! It was a nice holiday, except when my brother's neighbor backed his SUV up into my parked car on Christmas Day - but other than that...

Didn't have the opportunity to watch anything, but I do have a few pics saved up from before the break, so I'll try and get some of those up here today. Here are the last few from that 2003 India-Pakistan match, mostly of Yuvraj Singh, a total hunk, IMHO:

A total hunk with a perfect, round ass! Here he is with Dravid, but Yuvraj has the better butt in these pics:

Which doesn't stop Nehra from giving it a good look and a pat:

A few more of Yuvraj:

And one final pic - the awesome Mounds of Shoaib:

That's all the cricket I've got, until I find another DVD!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mahesh Anand in "Khilaaf" (1990)

I had only seen Mahesh in small thug guy roles up to now, but he had a sizeable part in this one. He's quite the macho Marlboro Man:

A look I quite like! He had a very long mullet, but I can't say it looked too bad on him:

As you can see in that last one, he's a really tall guy:

And that makes him look deceptively slim, because he's really quite big and muscular:

And, as you can see there, he's got a great hairy chest, and thankfully, he took his shirt off a lot:

This was another one of those grainy, not-very-crisp DVD transfers, but we'll just have to take what we can get. More of his hot chest with lots of underarm (with Chunky showing his, too):

More hirsute beefiness:

And this is what I call a perfect six-pack:

You could see signs of a hairy back, too:

But it wasn't clear until this great shot:

Ahh, wolfmen, is there anything better?!?! There weren't many good shots of his butt at all, just these two:

One last thing, kind of a medical question - what do you suppose this white stuff in his chest hair is?? It looks like there's also a drop of it on his chin:

I'm just asking 'cause I also have a hairy chest, and I get that sometimes, too.