Saturday, November 29, 2008

Other Guys of "Fun - Can Be Dangerous Sometimes" (2005)

There were three main young eye-candy men in this movie - you can compare them in this shot:

We'll concentrate first on the guy to the left, Gaurav Dixit:

It looks like he's made half-a-dozen low-grade films. I really, really like his face, especially his big, virtually black eyes:

It's almost TOO much - his hair and eyes and eyebrows SOOO black, and his lips SOOO red and his teeth SOOO perfect and white:

He's on the VERGE of being pretty, yet he saves things because he does come across on-screen as a masculine guy. And he's got some great muscles:

Including an awesome chest, which he should stop shaving:

The guy on the right in the first pic is Rashil Bangia. He's more "normal" looking:

And this seems to be the only film he's made. He doesn't shave (so much better!):

And you could see just a little bit of his butt cheeks in this long shot:

More from this film tomorrow!

Men of "Nafrat" (1973)

I got this for the Nath brothers' appearance - Rajendra didn't have much of a part, but he was as adorable as always:

He's such a furball, I love him. One shot of his teddy bear ass:

More on his brother in a minute. Prem Chopra was also in it and he at least did take off his shirt:

Including a scene in disguise:

The star of the film was Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik's dad, who I had not seen before. I could certainly see the resemblance, although I think Hrithik's mom must have added in some good genes there:

'Cause I can't say I find him all that attractive. Is it just the caps I took, or is he a little fey looking?

His feminine stretch panties don't help matters:

There wasn't much showing in the basket department (although I think Hrithik might have just been released from there at this date, so it would be a little bit deflated):

Premnath on the other hand, is all virility, even at his age and girth:

But there was something truly amazing I discovered about him in this next scene - can you guess what it is??

Man, talk about a basket - what is he, part bull?!?!?

"Kasautii Zindagii Kay" Round-Up (Ep. 246-260)

Apart from all the pics of my beloved Manish, there were a few others to see in these episodes. Ronit's son on the show grew a little hair on his face and I thought it made him look much better:

Sexy, even! He doesn't have much of a butt to speak of, but he showed it off once:

And it looked pretty good there, even though I think it's probably mostly puffy air we're seeing. The actor who took Ankur Nayyar's place (Praveen Chaudhary) reminds me a lot of Kapil Jhaveri:

I'm not too excited about his butt (a little on the skinny side):

Although he's got a nice chest:

I liked the looks of this macho union thug:

A look you can find often among Mexicans where I live. Now, I am very interested in Ronit Roy's blue eyes - I know you find them among Kashmiris, but he's Bengali, isn't he? I don't think they're contacts:

They're not just blue, but light blue - how often do you find that in India? One other thing about him that I always notice is his crooked bottom teeth, because they're SO noticeable:

We talked about this before about Cezanne and Ajay Devgan and everyone agreed that they didn't care. But the FIRST thing an aspiring American actor will do is make sure their teeth are perfect (no matter what the cost), so I guess I'm just not used to seeing actors who don't have perfect, fake white teeth. I know the British always make fun of Americans for their fake "Chiclet" teeth. Still, with all the money he must make, you'd think Ronit would have had a little work done on those!