Thursday, October 30, 2008

Siddarth in "Ayudha Ezhuthu" (2005)

Last post on this movie. Don't even tell me you don't think Siddarth is the cutest little doe-eyed guy EVER:

He looks like he's barely out of his teens (he was actually 26). He's not really "hot" like the other two stars - but he did take his shirt off once:

And despite being a small, kind of slender guy, he's got a very nice butt:

Another shot, running in his sweats:

I thought this next, somewhat-blurry shot was him, too, but on closer examination, I think it must actually be Surya:

Here's a quick flash of an extra's beautiful butt:

And then there's always some good cop-butt in every film:

Now, brace yourselves - I'm going to be gone tomorrow and Saturday, so NO POSTS! Sorry! I'll be back Sunday. Live and prosper.

"Maine Dil Tujhko Diya" Revisited

I've been wanting to look at this one again, because of the great scenes of Sohail's big, plump musclebutt. This first scene is one where you just want to throttle the director and cameraman - he's wearing tight black leather pants, and pointing it at the camera, but you can barely see it:

Still, I have to forgive them, since they later gave us this shot of him running in tight jeans:

And this - one of the best butt scenes in Indian film (IMHO):

Now THAT IS A PERFECT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!! This next tall guy shows another reason why I'm revisiting some of these movies I've already covered - you couldn't even see his butt in the small pics, but now you can see how he has a perfect bubble in the tightest jeans:

Well, still maybe a bit blurry, but you get the idea - and it's a lot better than before!

"Kasautii Zindagii Kay" Round-Up (Ep. 211-230)

There has been so little of note in these past episodes, that I watched a few extra to try and find something. But I still couldn't find much - Manish showing his bulge:

Ronit baring his feet (just in case anyone's into that):

And also showing a large bulge:

Doesn't it look like a testicle on the side and his big elephant trunk pointed downwards?!? Or perhaps two testicles and a short, but thick, dick pointing up to the right. I'm happy either way. :)

Men of "Dharti" (1970)

I thought this movie would be great, what with Rajendra Kumar, Sudesh Kumar AND Rajendra Nath in it - but, sadly, no. Rajendra K. was looking middle-aged and the other two didn't appear much. I may be the only Sudesh Kumar fan in the world - I know from previous movies that he has a great butt, and in this one I found out he's a furball, too:

There just wasn't much to see of him, though, and I wasn't crazy about the orange hair. [My roommate told me Muslims did that to their hair with henna, but maybe Hindus do, too?] One thing I hadn't realized before about him is what a small guy he is:

Rajendra Nath there isn't very tall himself, but he's got Sudesh beat by half a foot. Not to mention that very tall guy in back - I don't know if he's famous or not:

Butt he was very fit and had an excellent ass, as you can see there. Rajendranath was looking not-at-all-gay in his sparkly blouse with sheer sleeves:

I know he just has a big pudge-butt:

But the thought of him all furry just makes me want to cuddle up with the big bear:

I'm not even sure "pudgy" is the right word for him - he doesn't look fat really, just thick and burly. This airline steward had a nice ass:

And luckily, there are always cops around when you need them:

In this case, a prison guard locked in the cellblock at the prisoners' mercy. Too bad they didn't film that!