Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Men of "Anmol" (1993)

This macho stud looks really, really, really familiar, but I just can't think of who he is:

[Per AA, it is Deep Dhillon]. It's not Shahbaaz is it? I don't think so (and you would think I would know one of my own husbands). There were a couple of EXCELLENT police butts:

And then there was Puneet:

Looking a little scary there, but looking FINE in his one shirtless shot:

God, talk about your macho studs - what a chest!!! His manly ballocks were in full view on several occasions:

And once during the fight, he got pushed down one way, while his ballocks flew up the other:

I don't know, somehow that doesn't even look anatomically possible - but PICTURES DON'T LIE! He showed off his big ass in some tight slacks:

But, man, what a fight - poor guy, he got the shit kicked out of him!!

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Round-Up (166-180)

Boy, the story in KZK has slowed down to a crawl and it's getting kind of boring. But at least Ankur is still around to stare at:

I'm not sure it's possible to get more handsome than he is! There was one small glimpse of his ass:

Butt, as my Indian friends would say, "it is less". Cezanne is beautiful, too, but not quite as stunning as Ankur:

And he at least showed a little bit of hairy chest this time around:

Wouldn't you know, in India even the cock rings are heavily decorated and made of gold! And that ring looks just about the right fit - 'cause Cezanne sure has one hell of a package:

Goodness - what's he got in there?!? But I'll leave Cezanne to you guys and go with my "little" Manish:

'Cause it's his genes I want sliding down my throat, not Cezanne's!! [Oh my gosh, did I really write that outloud?]

Monday, September 29, 2008

Manoj Bajpai and Raahul Singh in "Zubeidaa" (2001)

I haven't had nearly enough of Manoj on here - he's both handsome and husky:

And has some of the best bedroom eyes this side of Ricardo Cortez:

Here's the husky part:

Yes, I definitely need to see more of that!! This was the first time I saw Raahul Singh given the big part I think he deserves. He's so striking:

He's got those black eyes that are so dark that the iris and the pupil are the same color - gorgeous! And look how good he'll still look when he's older! He doesn't quite have the butt that Manoj does:

Butt it ain't bad! He should be given some starring roles!!!

Other Men of "Jagir" (1984)

Mithun Chakraborty was the star of this film. I don't really like his looks at all, but there were a few shots where he looked pretty good, actually:

And his butt looked great in these white pants:

Dharmendra was getting up in age (nearly fifty), but was still as handsome as all get-out:

And his butt was still holdin' up:

Although I'm not sure if these really are his butt, or a stunt double's:

They're nice, though. I'll always love Ranjeet, no matter what anyone else might have to say on the matter:

I find him handsome and sexy, and of course, he has one of the best butts in the biz:

Normally I wouldn't have a white guy on here, but this was the first time I ever noticed that Bob Christo was actually pretty hunky:

A very commendable ass - too bad about the color!