Sunday, August 31, 2008

Men of "Yahi Hai Zindagi" (2005)

This is the other film I saw at the same time as "Auzaar", but never got around to posting. I had not seen Parvin Dabas in another film since "Monsoon Wedding", so was looking forward to it for him. He is handsome in a way, although I can't say I find him really exciting. He does wear tight jeans a lot, though:

And he also does have a nice ass, and that's what counts:

Although he needs to stand still long enough for us to get a clear shot of it. That is a particular kind of ass - I think of it as a real "rump". Shiney Ahuja's is like that, too. Sahil Khan was also in this, although I thought he looked kind of creepy:

He looked a little better here:

Of course, it's his body that we're after and there was a "climbing out of the pool" scene included:

Which you can see on YouTube right here, although unfortunately there is no close-up shot of his bikini as he gets out of the pool. But the real find for me in this movie was this thug man:

Kind of Rajat Bedi-ish - with the same big, tall frame:

And a nice butt to boot:

In fact, much nicer than most guys of his height:

But the sexiest part was when he grabbed his crotch:

I don't think I've ever seen something like that in an Indian film before! Here's the scene:


I can tell that the other guy says to him, "Problem kya hai?", but what is it he is saying in return as he grabs his crotch??

"The Sword of Tipu Sultan" Part Six

I saw this a month ago and am only now getting around to it. Don't know who this actor is, but he's sure hairy and sexy:

Treasure trails are great, but I especially love it when a guy's entire tummy is furry, like this guy's is!!

"Kasautii Zindagii Kay" Round-Up

I'm up to episode 95 now and things are gettin' hot! But not in a steamy way, unfortunately. Cezanne's still not obliging us with good butt shots - when there is one, he's always wearing dark slacks:

My Manish is still so beautiful, even if he looks like a twig from the side view:

But he did finally show a little bit of his hairy chest:

I'm really starting to get the hots for this guy - I don't know his name, but he's dashingly handsome and has a beautiful head of hair:

And there are signs he has a great ass, too (see on the far left):

As for Ankur, he's still the best-looking of the bunch, and he finally gave us one good butt shot:

Although if he's going to wear jeans, he needs to find some a lot tighter than these:

Those just won't do at all! The best butt of these last few dozen episodes actually belonged to this extra guy in the back:

In fact, we need to blow him up a bit:

WOW!! Ankur take note - THAT is the proper way to show off your butt in jeans!!!

Rohit Roy Going Bald?

It certainly looks that way from this pic:

Some guys look sexy when they're losing their hair (like Akshaye Khanna), but I'm afraid it doesn't look so good on Rohit. And I'm not even going to mention his fashion sense!

"Reshma aur Shera" (1971) and "Chakra" (1981)

I have a little time today since it's a 3-day weekend here, so I'll post a few things and get caught up. I'm lumping these two films together, because there wasn't much in either one. "Reshma aur Shera" was another one of those rural Rajasthan films where all the men were wearing long robes, so there really wasn't much to see, other than that Vinod and Amitabh looked very young:

I got "Chakra" to see Madan Jain again, but never figured out who he was in it! I certainly didn't see anyone with as big an ass as he has. There was this one cute guy with a hairy chest:

Who also had a nice bubble butt (on the far-right, obviously):

Then I liked how you could see this guy's bikini underwear through his robe:

And this guy had a nice bulge showing in his boxers:

But that's about all I saw in this one. I'll have to get another Madan Jain film, because I definitely want to see more of that big, juicy butt of his!