Saturday, July 26, 2008

Men of "Dus Kahaniyaan" (2007)

I think I got this one for Sudhanshu, but he didn't show much:

He had his shirt off in bed once, but you couldn't see anything except his shoulders. The only guy who actually did go shirtless was Arbaaz:

He's still hot - even shaved, with a jiggly stomach. That's about all the excitement there was in this one (and in today's posts), so only continue on if you have nothing better to do! Arbaaz, Arbaaz:

I liked seeing him put his hand down his pants:

Rohit Roy had a tiny part:

And I don't mean that part! Can't see anything there, but it's still nice to imagine! Aftab looks so much better with his hair like this and the beard:

And, speaking of beards, our old friend Jatin Grewal showed up, which was a surprise, since he wasn't in the cast list:

He was only on screen for about three minutes, though. I don't know who this guy was - he was supposed to be Anupam Kher as a young man:

Which wasn't very believable, since this guy was very hot and muscular and sexy. I've never mentioned Manoj Bajpai before, but I actually like his looks quite a lot:

Not a pretty boy, but a manly guy - plus, he's very thick-set. That's not a great shot of his butt, but I have a feeling he's got what I like. Parmeet Sethi showed up again (twice in two days!):

Looking quite a bit older than in that last one. I liked Jimmy's floppy hair, and he showed a little bit of ass:

And last and least, I think Dino showed more than this (very little more), but he doesn't interest me much, so I didn't bother making caps:

For a movie with that many hot guys, there should have been a LOT more to see.

P.S. I think I'm suffering from "blog tedium", I might need a blog vacation for a little while. We'll see (I'm just talking a week or something).

Men of "The Sword of Tipu Sultan", Part Six

I have to admit I am finally tiring of this series. Too many long, slowly-spoken, florid exchanges. There isn't anything to see of Mukesh except his face:

There was a scene with this one hairy guy:

But that was it for three and a half hours' worth. I don't think I can take 20 more!

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Kasautii Zindagii Kay" (Ep. 36-42)

Not a lot happening this week, since everyone was dressed up for Cezanne's marriage to that evil witch Komolika:

Have I mentioned Manish Goel yet? He's such a sexy, handsome god among men:

Permanent five o'clock shadows - how I love them!! Plus, even if he has no butt, he does appear to have a nice chest:

He and Misbah and I will make such a nice couple. Cezanne just looks like Cezanne - always the same frozen expression:

Although it's a beautiful one (those lips!). He did show off his ass a little bit in one scene:

Not much, but it'll have to do for the time being!

Arjun Rampal and Parmeet Sethi in "Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai" (2006)

You know, these two guys didn't even strip in this one - but they still scorched the screen. Arjun looked more beautiful than ever (if that's possible). I liked the second pic because of how dark his hair was and in the third one, he even looked sexy as a wild man:

But this was the best one - talk about gorgeous!!

And he did at least show off his butt in jeans several times:

My favorite bit, when he was laying on top of Parmeet:

Actually, the guy on the bottom was a stuntman, so I guess the guy on the top could be a stunt-Arjun as well. As for Parmeet, where has this man been all my life????

That man has sex coming out of his pores - a total devil in the flesh! Just look at him:

People have mentioned him to me before, but this is the first time I got a good look at him - he's the kind of guy that makes you willing to give up your entire life, just to spend it servicing him!!!