Monday, June 30, 2008

Aftab Shivdasani in "Footpath" (2003)

For some reason, I was envisioning "Footpath" as a romance in the park, which it completely wasn't! It was, instead, a very good gangster film (I should have known, with Rahul Dev in the cast). Aftab was the star, and with him, I always think of his big, luscious, puffy lips:

And his loveably goofy smile:

He only showed his chest once, and it was covered with listening devices (he was "wired"):

Butt, let's talk butt! For that's what really got me turned on to Aftab in the first place. MEATY, that is the proper word for Aftab's ass:

That's why Rahul has sunk to his knees and is thanking God for his good fortune (as would we all). A few more glimpses:

You've got to look closely at those last two and realize that the jeans are dark in the middle. However, it was when he stood up in these jeans:

That the blood rushed to my head and I feverishly prayed that he would turn around. He finally did, but for just two or three seconds; here is every frame:

God, what a magnificent ass!!! Talk about crazy women - Bipasha there is letting that walk out of her life, just because he's involved in cocaine smuggling. What an idiot!! The director should have focused right in on it as Aftab walked down the full length of that hallway, but of course it cut away just before there could be any great shots of it. My movie would just follow it around for the full three hours in close-up.

Rahul and the other guys tomorrow.

Men of "The Sword of Tipu Sultan", Part Five

This was a very sad set of episodes - my beloved Shahbaaz grew old (but still looked hot):

Was fatally wounded (of course they would put a big fake wound on his only shirtless scene!):

And died. :( Sanjay Khan, playing his successor, doesn't do anything for me:

He's not ugly (and he's about 50 there), but I find it hard to believe that he produced a beauty like Zayed! Of course, I've never seen any early movies of Sanjay's, so I don't know what he looked like young. So, just when I was thinking that this series was not going to be interesting any more, in walks:

MUKESH!!! And all was well in Mysore again. Big, handsome, studly Mukesh, looking extremely young:

In (I think) his very first role. I suppose he'll walk around covered up in all those costumes, too, but that's OK, I have a good imagination!

Extra Guys of the Day

This muscle guy from "Amar, Akbar, Anthony" (who must be Hercules, not the guy I originally thought he was) is too far gone for my tastes:

A big butt, but a lumpy one. I've noticed that in a lot of old movies (including American ones), they consider "big" to equal "strong", so even fat guys with huge bellies will play the bodyguards, etc. This next guy was actually still muscular and fit, but his face pretty much ruled him out for me:

Very plain. I kept thinking he looked like Boman Irani, but I'm sure that can't be right. The bodyguards in "Ziddi" were far more muscular, for instance, see this guy's shoulder and bicep:

There is an old Colt Studios model who looks almost exactly like this guy:

Who, BTW, has a nice ass:

This guy was very handsome:

And he gave us a couple of little peeks at his furry tummy:

He certainly got Anupam Kher's attention! Finally, the best butt in the film belonged to this policeman:

Now that is how to properly fill out a pair of pants!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunny Deol and Shahbaaz Khan in "Ziddi" (1997)

This was my Shahbaaz movie, but I'll start with Sunny, since he was the star. I'm sorry, but he needs a haircut, too:

Well, I like his curls, but it's a bit much. He only took his shirt off once, and it was for this strange 5-second roll down the snowbank:

I'm not really sure what the point was there. His butt looked good:

As did that guy's there that he was fighting (before he ripped his arm off and killed him). There wasn't much more to see of him. Shahbaaz is one macho stud:

He didn't take off his shirt, either, but you can tell he must be really hairy:

He's a big, thick tower of a guy:

With a cute little belly:

And a man-sized ass:

Which I want to see a lot more of. Despite being so masculine, he also has a sensitive side:

I'd happily play duets with him!!! (If there are any written that would let me play the inner two hands while he played the outer two!)

BTW, vacation is over for me, so I can't promise as many posts now.