Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy First Birthday, Briyanshu Blog!!!

Yes, today is Briyanshu Blog’s 1st Anniversary!!! Woo hoo!! Hard to believe I’ve wasted spent an entire year on this great pastime already!

Thanks to all the readers and commenters, you are very much appreciated. In this year’s time, I’ve gone from 5 or 10 readers a day to almost 200, showing that there is a definite desire for more hunky Indian men on the web. And in bedrooms everywhere.

As I hinted at last week, lots of people have written to say, “when are you going to have this?”, and “this is stupid, I want this instead” and my favorite, “where are the cocks?”. I haven't yet seen many "full Monty" scenes in Bollywood films yet, but feel free to point me to them! Until then, this really isn’t meant to be a porn site.

So what is it? It’s my little diary-blog of the hot guys I saw in Bollywood movies, things I’ve noticed about India and that’s about it. I appreciate the people who have sent me pics to put up on it, but I’m not accepting submissions anymore, it’s just going to be my personal blog. There are already lots of Yahoo Groups for sharing hot Bollywood pics.

Anyway, a bumper crop of posts today for the celebration, and I hope I can keep it up (get it?) for another year!! Thanks everybody for your support!!

Sharman and Sahil in "Love, Indian Style"

It started innocently enough, with just a little friendly hand-holding:

And then a date at the college pool, at first pretending not to notice each other:

Then, finally, Sharman getting up the courage to make an advance on the more innocent Sahil:

Knowing it's now or never for a lifetime of happiness:

At first, if only for a second, Sahil seems timid:

But he quickly relaxes, knowing how tender a person Sharman is:

They both profess their love:

And then run away that very night from Diana's Co-op College for a gay cruise ship honeymoon. They soak up their new-found freedom, taking part in drag night (looking oh-so-lovely):

And, during a port call in Goa, dance and romance the night away:

"Um, Sharman, is that a photographer??" Hurrying back to their room for a long shower together:

Sahil playfully starts to roughhouse:

But the movie ends before the bedroom scene, so I don't know what happened. However, Sharman did give a hint earlier of what he liked to do:

And I'm sure the Indian censors wouldn't let that fly!!

Akshay in His Red Pants from "WHH"

I agreed with the commenter yesterday that we needed to see Akshay's butt in those red jeans at a larger size, butt...the shot was from so far away, that it just became too blurry to see it well:

So, I thought it would be better just to upload the scene, since it looks so great bouncing around:


Who ever said he didn't have a fine ass??

Akshaye Khanna in "Humraaz" (2002)

This was another DVD that was held up forever in my Netflix queue, so I haven't had Akshaye on here in quite a while. This was actually one of the best Bollywood films I've seen, but, or perhaps, because of that, there was hardly anything to look at, other than Akshaye's incredibly beautiful face:

Especially with the stubble, and oh, that cleft chin!! He didn't take off any clothes, but you could see his chest rug sticking out of his shirt a lot:

I especially liked this shot with him flashing that sexy crooked smile of his:

I even got turned on just by the sight of his hairy arms:

I always know a man meets my standards, if even the underside of his arm is hairy! Not much butt to see in this one:

But he looked excellent in his tight jeans:

I just wish there were a closer shot. I'm moving his next one up in line, because I just can't wait to see more of this unmarried and completely unattached hunk!!

Odd Moment in "Style"

By going frame to frame, I found this odd moment in "Style". The two girls have just been saved from drowning and have just sat up, when the girl on the right suddenly "squirts" from her crotch:

Can girls even do that? I wouldn't know, and I don't like to think too much about those things. The girl in the red seems disturbed by it and even says, "Rita!", in a "behave yourself" kind of way. Or is it just an optical illusion, and it's really Sahil doing the squirting, because he's so excited being next to Sharman in the water?

Dara Singh in "Boxer" (1966)

Oh, how excited I knew you'd all be at another black-and-white Dara Singh post!! But it's my blog birthday, so I had to include him, because he's MY favorite. It's just too bad that the print was so bad, it was as dark as the worst silent film print I've ever seen. For example, here's the big fight:

And it's this guy (with his perfectly sculptured chest, I think):

Against this guy (with his hairy chest, or perhaps back):

However, there were a few good shots that were light enough to see. He fills out a shirt like nobody's business:

Because he's just massive!!

Too bad about the ghostly face paint, but I'm loving the pecs!! And his butt and thighs are gigantic:

Which means he fills out a pair of suit pants like, well, no-one else:

There it is, all I would need in this world to be happy. We could live in a trailer (or Indian equivalent) and I could work at McDonald's (or I.e.) and I wouldn't care, as long as I could come home to that butt every night. And then he'd strip down to his bikini briefs:

And then.....

I know, you're saying, what exactly is that?? Well, that is Dara lying on the ground with his legs bent back towards his head, and a guy in a tribal costume apparently trying to stick his entire head up Dara's ass. And halfway succeeding! I'm ready to give it a try at least...