Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vikas Bhalla in "Sauda" (1995), Part One

By coincidence, this movie that I put in my queue many weeks ago, finally made it to me just as I posted the pics of Vikas the other day. There are only a few of his movies available to me, so I was especially glad I could get this one, his first. And from his very first close-up, it was obvious he had a face for film!

He is so beautiful, so strikingly gorgeous, so prettily handsome, so finely attractive, that I'm going to have to devote most of this post to his face alone (whether you like it or not - but surely you will?):

Despite that little malfunction there, he's got amazingly beautiful hair, too - so utterly black. I love his overall coloring, he's just a perfect hue:

So many incredible shots!! This one could feature in any fashion ad:

In fact, there was only one time when I wasn't sure he looked as good, which was when he grew a slight moustache:

I'm not sure it quite suits him. He did open up his shirt collar a bit and, although it's hard to see, he had just a little bit of hair on his chest:

Although we were just discussing how often he likes to take off his shirt altogether, in this film he only did so twice, and the shots were brief and from the side:

I only noticed one crotch shot (which wasn't really too great):

BUTT - he sure liked to show off his ass! And that will be the subject of Part Two!!

Aamir Ali Malik, Part One

More pics from our favorite, but somewhat mysterious, guest host. Aamir Ali is a guy I like, although I'm not sure I think he's the most handsome of actors. He definitely has a good physique:

And, best of all, an amazing set of bubblicious globes (OK, I'm running out of synonyms):

Let's give them a closer look:

Wow!! Butt this is definitely my favorite pic:

Fantastic!! Jeans shots to follow tomorrow.

Shiney Ahuja in "Bhool Bhulaiyaa" (2007)

Shiney didn't give us a lot to see in this one, although his five o'clock shadow look was very sexy:

We've seen before that he has a great, plump ass, butt it was hard to see it well in the jeans he was wearing here:

Of course, he's one of the best actors in Bollywood - just look at his range of emotions as he and his lover Akshay have a little tiff:

Doesn't he look perfect there, and don't you want to just kiss him like Akshay finally did?? Such a man!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Akshay Kumar in "Bhool Bhulaiyaa" (2007)

So much Akshay lately! Well, a friend just happened to loan me this and another one of his, so I would hardly refuse. Even age 40, he's still gorgeous:

But, right away I thought, "wait a second, something's missing here":

And it quickly dawned on me, "His hair! His beautiful furry chest - all gone!!!"

I was so upset, I couldn't sleep the whole night for worrying. I mean, it's still a beautiful chest, but why?!?!? Think of the hours and hours it must have taken to cut and shave and wax it all off of there - and what did it accomplish?? I ask you, what did it accomplish??

Yes, he's still studly, but just imagine those same pics with him all covered in thick black fur. So much sexier!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, on to his butt (sigh). He walked around in a tight towel in one scene:

And (sigh), his butt looked pretty good in these pants (in the middle in the second two pics):

Butt, all I really want is just his hair back the way it was. :( Sigh.

On a happier note, though, I must note a milestone - yesterday was the first day that this blog received over 100 visitors!! It only took 11 months to do it! Thank you all for making this fun and for making this your preferred Bollywood Butt Spot on the Web!!!