Monday, March 31, 2008

Madhavan in The Butt Scene from "Minnale" (2001)

Madhavan, how do I love thee and thine ass? Let me butt count the ways...

By my reckoning, them's ten ways total! I think I need to go, um, dwell on that now...ayayay.

"Raaste ka Patthar" (1972)

Ah, the Seventies, when fashion was at its highest point:

Likewise, interior design (this is Prem Chopra's office, at work):

This was still before Amitabh was a star, and he had a big helmet of hair (very dark, black yummy hair):

And yet, that same haircut, or maybe his make-up must have been wrong, because I thought he looked quite ugly throughout the film:

I guess the first one's OK, but still. He looked 100x better within a year, so he must have taken a handsome pill or something in the meantime. He was so skinny that even rolling around in his pajamas didn't produce anything worth looking at:

By comparison, I thought Prem Chopra was looking fine and sexy:

And he had a great, round butt (which we know must be covered with dark fur - pleasant thought):

However, it was this guy (how's this for 70's stylin'), who provided the only good shots in the film:

I know, you're thinking, "Ewwww!", but he actually looks quite sexy unwrapped:

Now, admit it, you'd do him. Especially if you'd had a few glasses of that fine drink, Vat 69:

This is the second film I've seen with a bottle of Vat 69 prominently displayed. It just sounds so elegant and exclusive, so refined!

Extra Guys of "Minnale" (2001)

This friend of Madhavan's (far left) was extremely cute:

And these dancer guys were hot - particularly the one front and center:

There were a couple of other guys I liked in it, but the caps weren't worth putting up on here.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Madhavan in "Minnale" (2001), Part One

I was really digging where this movie seemed to be going in the beginning:

Yeah, you tell her Maddy! Especially since Abbas was playing "Sam":

But then things went tragically wrong when it turned out "Love" meant "hate" and Maddy met a girl from the other 1%. Plus, he looked really bad with his hair this way:

But then it started looking a little better:

And, I kind of doubt any of us would let a bad haircut keep us from these lips or this face anyway:

Plus, with the arrival of a little styling gel, he suddenly went somewhere beyond irresistible:

I've already called guys on here "perfection", so what do I use for Maddy (besides "Husband #7")? Godlike? It's as if Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Ricky Martin had a son together who made them look ugly! I am speechless. I mean, could you keep your mind on your studies if this were your teacher?

Unfortunately for us, teacher never removed that form-fitting shirt. He did flash a slight bit of perfectly-shaped butt:

Before giving us a nice good look at it, which we'll see tomorrow, because I am too sleepy to continue right now (sorry!).

Saif Ali Khan in "Pehchaan" (1993)

Like Suniel, this was also Saif Ali's second film. I didn't really find much of him to cap in it, though. Unlike Suniel, I actually really like him with his hair this long:

He wore a swimsuit in one scene, but never got close to the camera, although some girl opened his shirt a bit later on, showing a very light dusting of hair on his chest:

A few OK butt shots (the first one's a little hard to see, but he's wearing dark jeans hiked up tight):

Butt the best scene was when Saif flirted with Suniel and Suniel nonchalantly stuck it right in:

To Saif's obvious enjoyment!!