Friday, February 29, 2008

Akshaye Khanna in "Taal" (2000), Part Two

I once commented that Akshaye didn't appear to have much of an ass, but I had to completely rethink that after the wonderful scenes in "Aa Ab Laut Chalen". After all, how could any son of Vinod not be genetically programmed to be asstastic? I was saying that little Kumar Gaurav had a bubble butt - well, his is nothing compared to the bubble Akshaye presents:

PERFECTLY round!!! And presented so well in this scene (what a great director!):

Close-up of this marvellous wonder:

What an amazing shame that he's not sharing that with any partner! He's so hairy - what it must look like au naturel!!! In fact, I liked this bit so much, that I had to put it (with a few others) up on YouTube, which you can view right here.

Aamir Khan in "Rangeela" (1995)

Someone had asked me to show pics of Aamir's hairy chest. I couldn't remember seeing such a chest, but I got out my copy of "Rangeela" to see if there was any sign of it there. And, well, a little bit:

More than a dusting, but not exactly Akshay/Akshaye levels, either (I don't think anyone else reaches Anil levels). He did wear his little mesh shirt in most of the movie, so here are some pics of that:

I've admitted before that I'm not his biggest fan looks-wise, but that looks pretty hot! (Whatever happened to mesh shirts? I remember having one that I wore proudly all through 3rd grade.) Well, here's a little underarm action:

And that's about it - he never took his shirt all the way off and I wasn't impressed by his butt in this one. Jackie Shroff was in it, too, and all I can say is that he should stay far away from bikinis in future:

NOT attractive!!

Extra Guys from "Big Brother" (2007)

There were lots of extras in this film who caught my attention, but I'll just show a few. Like the guy in blue in the first pic and the guy in green in the second:

A couple of cops in tight pants (far right in the first, far left in the second):

A handsome muscle dude:

A cute guy and his butt (just before Sunny kills him):

But my very favorite was this guy (on the right):

He doesn't look like the brightest bulb, but that can be sweet in itself sometimes.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Akshaye Khanna in "Taal" (2000), Part One

Normally I find numerous dreamy face pics of Akshaye in every one of his films, but in this one, even though he was his normal gorgeous self, I found very few exceptional poses. I liked these two:

And that last one led into a sequence with his beautiful, patented crooked smile:

And then, lo and behold, he even gave a huge grin!

Can't remember seeing him do that before! Now, I haven't bothered to go look up the director's name, but this is what he thinks we want to see in a shirtless shot of Akshaye:

Yes, that's him, about a mile in the distance. Hey, Mr. Director, you're a dumbass!! Yeah, you! I mean, look, he was in full hairy mode:

You think none of us wanted to see that chest carpet in its full glory?? What a maroon.

Not sure you can see these really well (you might have to enlarge them), but they give a pretty good view of his general crotch area:

As for his butt - well, be sure to tune in tomorrow for another VERY special episode of Briyanshu Blog!!

Saif Ali Khan Pic

Can't remember where I took this one from:

But he's sure looking muscular these days. You can see his age in his face, although I don't mean that negatively - he still looks great. The underarm hair is just an added bonus.

Sayaji and Shabaaz in "Big Brother" (2001)

Sayaji Shinde always has quite the striking, intense look:

[Because I was horny!]. By his hairy face, you'd think he'd be a furball all over, but he went shirtless in "Danav" a lot and, unless he shaved, he was actually kind of smooth. Another freeze-frame effort shows the bulge up his shirt or kameez or whatever it's called:

But I don't know if it's quite that exciting!

Shahbaaz Khan is such a manly hunk o' man:

Big, burly, hairy, macho - what else could you want? The only scene where he had his shirt off was this one, where you couldn't see anything except his hairy underarm:

Butt, even though he didn't show much of anything, you could see the incredible promise underneath - I just have to get more of his films. I mean, look at his gigantic ass showing through his shirt-thingy here:

My God!!! [And the cop's butt ain't shabby, either!]. Naturally, Sunny had to cop a feel, so he actually lifted Shahbaaz up by his butt:

Not that that could be done without using a crain in real life, of course. I'm really feeling the need for some nude, hairy Shahbaaz pics NOW!!!