Thursday, January 31, 2008

Suniel Shetty in "Hu Tu Tu" (1999)

I'm afraid this was one of those "what a waste" flicks, since Suniel didn't take his shirt off or anything. Which doesn't mean I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of caps anyway. He does look devestatingly handsome with his moustache:

But for once, I found someone I didn't think improved with more facial hair:

I like him best with his normal look - moustache with slight stubble. You could see his basket a bit in this scene:

Butt those same pants didn't show his butt to best advantage:

Not bad, butt could be better. Here's some more:

The film had a very nice "sometimes suicide bombing is justified" theme. But I believe in the old canard, "take your message to Western Union". Just show us the hairy chests (male, if possible)!

Random Indian Guys of the Week XVII

I don't know if anyone will agree with me on these guys or not. They're technically Guyanese, but of Indian descent. I thought this guy just looked so naturally sexy with his tilted head, half-closed eyelids and big, luscious lips:

While this guy isn't what most people would normally call handsome (although I would), I love how masculine, strong and self-assured he looks:

Any opinions? Are they all mine?

Cops of "Premikudu" (1996)

What is the best way to get molested by an Indian policeman? I need to write down some tips for when I finally make it over there. All he needs is a moustache:

And his uniform with those tight pants:

And I'll be more than happy to take care of his needs. Even if he's a little too padded, like that guy above on the left. But give me a big, tall stud, like this one:

With his nice butt (at bottom left):

And I'll achieve Nirvana in this lifetime!!

Bonus pics - as Prabhu's master brings him out into the daylight, two others take their new initiate, in tight white shorts, off to another session:

I suppose if I ever did get into an Indian prison, with my luck, my cop would end up looking like Prabhu's friend there, instead of the guy in the shorts!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prabhu Deva in "Premikudu" (1994), Part Two

In the film's S&M scene, innocent, virginal Prabhu is thrown into the local gay bar's dungeon and presented with a very large glass dildo:

Seeing his complete confusion over it, a friendly lesbian comes over and explains things:

He looks at her like she must be crazy, what nonsense she is speaking! However, the men don't give him a chance to think things over; completely turned on by his hairy chest, they grab his arms and roughly push him into the next cell:

Force him down on the table:

Take out the first rather large ice dildo:

And forcibly impale him with it:

He screams with mixed pain and pleasure, as each one is inserted, one after another. Afterwards, while he lays still completely hard in ecstasy on the table, his roly-poly uniformed master comes to see how his newly initiated Prabhu is doing:

With his eyes, Prabhu signals his complete happiness and obedience and, in return, receives a hug and tender kiss:

As well as an assurance that his erection will eventually subside, once the icicles melt. I must say that it was really quite a surprising scene for an Indian film!

Even Still More Cricket Butts

Just a few today, didn't have time to cap the YouTube vids. The caption said that this was "Raul Dravid", apparently Rahul's Spanish or Goan cousin?

Virender Sehwag (wow, need to find a lot more of his!):

And finally, an anonymous member of the Paki team:

Surely that must be my Misbah, na?

Extra Guys from "Premikudu" (1994)

Besides Prabhu, there were a few nice sights in this one, for instance, this student in the brown pants:

Then the guy behind him in the white ones:

And one of the thugs, also in white pants:

A more plus-size extra:

And then this guy, who was kind of a conundrum - what to do with someone who's quite ugly, but has a great ass?? Ass wins over face, of course! This is that very dark-complected nerdy guy who plays Prabhu's sidekick (see the first pic from yesterday's post). Here he pulled up his dhoti (?) very tightly:

And then pulled up his pants over it. So, I'm actually not completely sure whether his butt looks great just because it's padded or not, but I certainly enjoyed watching it:

I'll have to try that method out myself!