Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Puneet Issar in "Mahabharat", Ep. 90 (1988), Part the Last

As we left off last time, Duryodhana was standing in front of his mother in his loincloth, not naked as she had instructed:

And, not realizing that he has disobeyed, she quickly removes her blindfold and zaps him but good:

Duryodhana stands there, a little less stunned than I would expect:

Particularly as his mother asks him why he didn't come naked:

And then he looks a little annoyed as he finds out that, because of the loincloth, his private parts and butt aren't ironized like the rest of him now:

"F***!!!", he appears to be thinking. Until I read Xela's comment from yesterday, I had things backwards and I thought his mother had told him that only the part covered by the loincloth was made of iron now. So for the last 24 hours, I've been picturing Puneet's little hard, watertap-shaped iron penis. Anyway, now that mom is blindfolded again and can't see his face, he's willing to show his anger:

And knowing that he has this Achilles' heel (aka Duryodhana's dick) now, he decides to fight unfairly by using mace. He even gives all of us that, "yeah, so what?" look:

He tries to get up his interest in fighting again:

Butt, I guess, with his dream of an iron butt, dick and balls now gone, his enthusiasm flags:

And he throws a bunch of attitude and decides just to stay home and watch TV. So the Mahabharat ends. I'll have to check out some of the other episodes, though, in case he shows any more skin. If you want to see it, the entire thing is online for free here (just search on "Mahabharat").


Shawn said...

He is so sexy!

Briyanshu said...

I think we're all in agreement on that!!

strongmachowoman said...

Agreed, he is macho,
But have your ever seen Tamil Actor Sarath kumar. He is also a very macho stud.

Briyanshu said...

No - but I'll definitely go look for him!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Did you check out the macho stud sarath kumar.