Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Puneet Issar in "Mahabharat", Ep. 90 (1988), Part Two

I had to really lighten these up, because it was a nighttime scene. I really don't know the full story here, but in it, Puneet, as Duryodhana, has been told by his mother to come to her fully naked (!):

So he just dutifully crosses the ancient astroturf field to her house without thinking much about it, until he runs into this friend of his (sorry, didn't catch his name):

Who, while walking around Puneet several times, obviously enjoying the view, basically says (translating), "Dude, you can't go to your mother naked, that's really weird". So Puneet somehow puts together his own little loincloth from some palm leafs, and then enters his mother's very tastefully-decorated house:

Where his mother has been patiently waiting blindfolded (I think for several centuries or something). What happens next?? We'll find out tomorrow, in the Grande Finale!!


Xela said...

I hope you don't mind my little history class here:
Puneet (duryodhana) is in a war and is getting his butt kicked - he has lost most of his able warriors. As a result mommy dearest decides to give him an impenetrable shield.
Mommy has blindfolded herself since marriage as her hubby (D's dad) is blind and she is a "pativrata nari".
Her plan is to transfer all the power she has accumulated in her eyes thru all these years of blindfolded-ness to her son, and he gets a shield........so he can win the war - kind of like Achilles' mom dipping him in that river.
The story also ends similarly wherein the palm-leaf-covered area becomes his "Achilles heel"

Shawn said...

YaY! I am so excited!!

Briyanshu said...

Thanks, Xela! I guess with my Hindi skills the way they are, I intrepreted everything a little bit differently. :) I still kind of like the picture of him with an iron butt and private parts, though.

Shawn - hope you didn't think "Grande Finale" meant nudity or anything!! No such thing in India (yet).

Shawn said...

Oh, Damn!

anonymous said...

And that friend is Lord Krishna.

Anonymous said...

And he tricks him into covering his groin before going there by mocking him and telling him he's a grown-up young man and she's his mother.

Briyanshu said...

Thanks for the info!