Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Himanshu's Butt Crack in "Rain" - A Briyanshu Exclusive!!!

Since I really had nothing much of anything for today (several movies arriving tomorrow, though), I stoked up "Rain" for the next segment of Himanshu big pics. Here he is with lifesize kissable lips waiting:

And here he is with his lifesize kissable ass waiting:

Or I should say, "bigger than life". How I love his ass in this film!!! This next pic is my evidence that he was not wearing a belt:

And you could see as he danced around that he wasn't. This is important because, as you can see a little hint of in that last one, his butt crack was completely showing once he crouched down:

At first I thought it was a belt loop - but nope, it's his crack!! I keep waiting for someone to finally find those famous supposed bare butt pics of him (if they really exist). Until then...I guess this is the best we can do!


d4u_here said...

nice caps....

Anonymous said...

wow...I wanna really lick and suck Himanshu's big hot sexy giant ass and hot butt crack for hours.yuuummm

Briyanshu said...

Yeah, me too!! More to cum!!

Arun Dewan said...

whew! that must be a First for Bollywood atleast!

Trust Himanshu to do that!

How I wish he had a slightly more successful career. God alone knows how far he would have gone then!