Monday, December 31, 2007

Madhavan in "Alai Payuthey" (2000), Part Two

Madhavan was looking a tad paunchy in the movie prior to this one, so I was surprised that he went shirtless here, even if it was only for a minute. It looked like he had been working out a bit, although he wasn't exactly totally buff yet:

But the pudgy stomach was nearly gone:

And we always appreciate a hunk tucking himself into some tight jeans:

I'll have a little more on that tomorrow. In the meantime, may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!

Year-End Blowout Sale!!! (Part Three)

Final day, all pics must go, everything 75% off!!! Here are various pics of celebrities that I have not used, because I just never got around to them.

Hanif Hilal was one of my "kaun hai?" men, until some kind soul identified him for me. Gorgeous man - get him a movie contract!

Ashmit Patel - one of the best of my "darkest-ink" boys:

I like the way his butt sticks out in that second one. Purab Kohli is another actor with that kind of dark hair (that's him on the left):

He was wonderful in "My Brother Nikhil", which I used to have, until my friend borrowed it and didn't return it (thanks, P.!). And speaking of that film, there is the absolutely dreamy Sanjay Suri, yet another ink boy - why I haven't had more of him on here, I don't know:

This pic of the Pakistani singer Atif Aslam has been on the Gay Bombay group a couple of times - you can probably guess why I preferred this particular pose:

Some kind person sent me this pic of Sonu Sood, who I have not seen nearly enough of (but I believe one of his flicks is coming soon):

I haven't had Kapil Jhaveri on here yet, although I've seen a movie or two of his, and his face is quite stunning, plus he's got a great husky build:

I saw a pic of him once being arrested for (I think) blackmailing an actress over the phone, but I stupidly didn't save it. Once again, you can never have too much Rajat:

Apparently with his little son in that last one (funny, I don't remember giving birth to anything, so I don't know how that could have happened). Rahul Dev, striking face, beautiful eyes, sexy stubble:

And he has nice friends, too - that's Shewar Ali there on the right, who was a big hit here the last time I had one of his pics - with good reason, too:

Salman and Saif in "the pic that got them in trouble":

And finally, Karisma Kapoor's husband, one Sanjay Kapur, just because this pic of him turns me on. He looks so incredibly manly and hairy. How she could ever want to leave him is beyond me:

And that concludes this portion of the sale.

Men of "Do Ankhen Barah Haath" (1957)

If Briyanshu doesn't bring it to you, who will?? This movie had a couple of big, hairy brutes - I particularly liked this one with the bushy unibrow and the hairy legs:

Especially when he got even scragglier:

Then there was a huge, barrel-chested guy:

And this other guy with a hairier chest, whose face I really liked (in the middle of the first pic, and on the right in the other two):

But this young guy (center front) takes the cake - even though nothing's showing, you can just tell what a complete stud he is under those clothes!

Look how that ass juts out - so what if he's in his 80's now? OK, OK, modern studs to follow - stay with Briyanshu Blog throughout the evening and into the New Year!

Misbah Monday

I just want to wish my dearest Misbah a Happy New Year - and may we finally cement our relationship in 2008! Such a man!!:

And such a fine figure!!:

I really just can't decide what about him I really like the best!!:

He's just perfect in every way!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Madhavan in "Alai Payuthey" (2000), Part One

Madhavan has a very classic handsomeness, like Cary Grant or Gary Cooper or George Clooney. So, let's just dwell on that face of his at length:

Full lips, thick eyebrows, perfect nose, and that smile:

I can't get enough of it, or of him:

And his thick hair is gorgeous:

Like some 1950's glamour boy (Sal Mineo?), only hotter:

Now, if this isn't a '50's look, with that slicked hair and the cigarette, then what is?

To quote Rupert Everett in "Another Country", "There's a hollow at the base of his neck that makes me want to pour honey all over him and lick it off".