Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dharmendra in "Yakeen" (1969)

Welcome to all the people from the Gay Bombay group! I guess I should have planned something special before the invitation, instead of going all retro on you, but you'll find that I have a special liking for these manly men of decades past. In this one, Dharmendra played both himself and his double - who had red hair, blue eyes, and dressed like a Bavarian:

I'm thinking I'll stick with the original. He took off his shirt several times showing his muscular, if not particularly hairy chest (for those of you new here, I will repeat - a man cannot be too hairy):

But the best thing about this film was that he was stuffed into tight pants throughout. He was obviously sucking in his stomach in that last pic, because when I said stuffed, I really meant it:

However, this just meant that his round rump was on good display, for instance, in these great slacks:

And for the first time that I've seen so far, also in tight jeans (my favorite):

These next ones are a little dark, but very good, especially if you have the time to save them and blow them up in size a bit:

Definitely gaining a lot of padding back there compared to his earlier films. And I thoroughly approve!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Other Guys from "No Men Allowed" (2006)

Now, of course, Tarun Arora is hardly an "other guy", but he might as well have been in this movie, since he didn't show anything. Handsome as always, although one of my friends says he's "too pretty" for a guy:

I don't know, I think he's perfect. You could see a little of his butt on the dance floor, but that's it:

I absolutely love this bit-part player with his cornrows and wild facial hair designs:

He was also in "Dhoom 2" that year, and you can see a good picture of his face on my blog entry for that film. I hope he starts getting some bigger parts.

This older guy was a terrible actor and he has kind of a belly, but I like the hairy body:

He's still pretty hot for an older guy, and he took his shirt off a lot. I don't care for tattoos, but this dancer certainly caught my attention:

Pretty sizzling!

Dhoni the Beautiful

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, what a dreamboat (many thanks to JK for this fine pic):

And many special thanks to AR for this very fine pic:

Even as a young guy, he was a complete stud (from MidDay):

I understand he's still unmarried and has always lived with his "very good friend". Hmmmm. Some people say he doesn't have that great of an ass, but I beg to differ:

Third from the left in that last one - see how much fuller and firmer his butt is than the others. How I wish this next pic had been taken from directly behind instead of from the side:

Just look how round it is. I've always wanted to see the cricket players' butts from behind in some nice tight jeans. If anyone has some pics like that, please send them in!!

Arvind Swamy in "Roja" (1992)

Now, everyone knows this is an excellent film, but that's counting plot and direction and things like that. I don't think the critics were taking into account the amount of beefcake shown, and on a strictly male-scenery scale (which is what really counts in films, isn't it?), it's a total bomb. Arvind Swamy is pleasant enough looking:

Although not exactly my type (too fair for one thing). But, his butt's not bad, in the one little scene in which you could see it:

Which was the only saving grace. If this "Mani Ratnam" fellow ever wants to become a first-rate director, he's going to need to show a little more male skin in his films. I mean, just think what a Himanshu Malik or a Rajat Bedi could have done with this role!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Aryan Vaid in "Men Not Allowed" (2006)

After changing my mind about Aryan's general hunkaliciousness, a kind anonymous poster referred me to "Men Not Allowed". Otherwise, it's unlikely I would have ordered a lesbian-themed film (egads!). But, even with his short screen-time, it was worth it. He's another of those guys who has a masculine handsomeness - he isn't at all pretty with that big ol' nose of his:

Yet he's sexy as hell. He's got a broad and muscular physique:

And an impressive chest:

But they definitely need to show more of it than that! And what's with the armpit shaving??!!

His butt wasn't quite as big as I thought it would be, but I'm not complaining:

Especially since there was a little brief moment in his underwear:

In which, even though the second one's a little blurry, his big ballsac is proudly sticking out for us to enjoy. Now that's what I like to see!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Puneet Issar in "Purana Mandir" (1984)

FINALLY, I understand who Puneet Issar is. I've always been a little unsure. But in this one, he had one of the major roles, and is he ever a beauty!!

Well, when it comes to musclemen, the face isn't really that important anyhow. And he got better looking later anyway (for instance, see him with Salman Khan in "Jaagruti" nine years after this one). But even this young and this early in his career, he had quite the fine build:

And it looked even sexier when he didn't shave his chest:

Not to mention that he looks much handsomer in some of those. He also has a very nice ass, even though I'm not at all a fan of the Jordache Jeans look of that era:

But at least they're tight and it's certainly nice and round:

We'll definitely be seeing more of him. Well, tomorrow's Thanksgiving here, so I'm unlikely to be posting - a happy holiday to those of you who are celebrating!