Friday, September 28, 2007

Aftab Shivdasani in "Ankahee" (2006)

This is the only movie I had a chance to see this week and there just wasn't much in it. Aftab looked really good, but didn't show off anything. Amin Hajee has silver hair now and was studly in his tight shirt, but Vikas Bhalla only had a tiny part, and neither one provided any great shots.

So, just a couple of caps - Aftab was handsome with shoulder-length hair and stubble:

And I would definitely enjoy sharing my bed with him and his nice, big, thick body:

I thought this shower scene was going to lead somewhere, but it didn't:

So, although it was an entertaining movie, nothing much for we men who love men (I personally can't see how anyone could leave beautiful Amisha for obviously crazy Esha, but maybe that's just me). A busy weekend ahead for me, not sure if I will be able to watch any films or not.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rajat Bedi and Arbaaz Khan in "Maa Tujhhe Salaam" (2002)

In an earlier entry, I posted this pic of Rajat Bedi, wondering what film it came from:

Well, it turned out to be from his surprise "item boy" number in "Maa Tujhhe Salaam". He wasn't even listed in the online credits, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see my rajah. He was just in the one musical number, and unfortunately didn't appear like that in it, but had on a vest instead:

He was also playing a government agent, so had a couple of dramatic scenes as well:

That's my beautiful hunk of man! Dreamy as always, even when they don't give him anything good to do.

On the other hand, this new pic of him isn't very flattering (although the jeans are very amusing):

Looking just the teensiest bit careworn, na? But still hot.

The bigger thrill in this pic was finally finding some shirtless scenes of Arbaaz. He had grown out a beard and had long hair:

Looks quite handsome, doesn't he? But, in spite of all that extra hair on his head, he shaved it all off everywhere else, darn it:

Wrong, wrong, wrong!! A guy with no hair, especially with no underarm hair, just doesn't look natural. On the other hand, his muscles look great and I wouldn't exactly say "no" (you know, if he asked):

OK, so now I've seen him shirtless and my new challenge is to find him shirtless and hairy!

A couple of other guys to mention in this film - I know I've had this guy on the blog before, but I can't find it and I can't remember his name. Anyway, I think he's handsome and always makes a great policeman or soldier:

I just like this guy's looks and facial hair (I always like guys of that archetype):

And there was also this big bodybuilder. Impressive muscles, but I've never liked the oiled look:

Well, unless I was asked to do the oiling, I guess!

Miscellaneous Cricket Pics

Here are some random cricket pics I have been saving up. I like this one of Shoaib Malik (far left), just because he looks so dark and hairy (must find more of him minus the clothes!):

Another Shoaib - our old favorite Mr. Akhtar and those "huge mounds" of his. Too bad the pic's so small:

Mumbai Mid-Day today had a photo spread on Mahendra Singh Dhoni's early days; this was the best one, because of the two hairy guys on the left (the others aren't bad, either!):

Butt, on to butts. Rahul Dravid has one of the most perfect ones around, IMHO:

Although I really prefer them even bigger, like Sachin Tendulkar (thanks to AR for sending this one to me):

Lately, I keep noticing Yuvraj Singh's nice, round ass being displayed everywhere. He's also quite a good-looking guy, with a nice hairy chest:

He looks so fit and slim there, you wouldn't guess that he had such a world-class backside:

You can't get two more perfect, beautiful globes than those!!

Rajendra Kumar in "Toofan aur Deeya" (1956)

This was only Rajendra's second film and he looks so young with his little scraggly moustache:

He was actually about 26-27. He only had a small part, but I can't help sighing over his big, brown doe-eyes:

Ekdam beautiful hai!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Salman Khan and Puneet Issar in "Jaagruti" (1993)

I thought this movie was going to be a complete washout. After the first hour and a half, I was thinking, well, I can show these two extra guys' butts:

And talk about how Salman didn't really have one back then (although he sure does now!):

And maybe even a little about how plain Karisma Kapoor used to look before she learned to pluck her eyebrows. Then end it with a couple of face pics of Salman, discussing how I like him much better with the darker look in the second one:

Ho hum, better luck next movie. But THEN - suddenly the movie took an amazing change for the better!

Little Salman/Jugnu got washed ashore on some deserted spot inhabited only be a tribe of shirtless musclemen!! Led by Puneet Issar!! [This is Puneet Issar, isn't it?]:

Puneet took one look at Jugnu and banished his tribe away never to be seen again, because he knew he would just have to deal with this guy himself, and he knew taboos were going to be broken. Here is my definition of a perfectly hairy man. I only wish he were darker (I thought he was a white guy at first), but who's going to quibble?

I mean, this is back hair!

Beautiful, beautiful. The whole thing suddenly became a gay porn film, "Jaagruti: A Film by Tom of Finland":

Big brother teaches little brother the ropes. There's an introductory scene of them running through the woods together, climbing trees, visiting the beach, holding hands, just like I've read happens in real porn films:

Followed by a solo scene with Jugnu flexing his muscles:

Then the main sequence of them together begins. A workout turns into something else, as Puneet can no longer help himself and reaches out for a touch:

Turn about is fair play, and Jugnu attempts to swallow Puneet's big banana:

Puneet lays down and says "take me!":

Then it's once again Jugnu's turn - and Puneet's banana turns out to be very big indeed!

Finally, spent, they return to the beach to just stare in each other's eyes. "Puneet, I will be yours forever":

"Jugnu, you mine always. I touch you here."

And, with a final ejaculatory wave, the film ends.