Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Stairway Sequence from "Saathiya" (2002)

I wrote about this scene at length before, with lots of pics, but nothing's better than seeing it in motion, over and over and over again:


What a masterpiece of world assitry. Vivek, I applaud you.

Bodybuilder from "Jaane Jigar" (1998)

"Jaane Jigar" also had one of those big bodybuilder extra guys. I don't know what his name is, I thought he might be Puneet Isshar from the credits, but I don't think so now. Anyway, the movie started out with him showing off his big muscles in the ring:

OK, he's not the handsomest guy:

But, you got to admit, he's pretty hot, even with his clothes on:

[Is Puneet the guy with the gun or the guy on the far right? I know that's Mac Mohan in the middle.] Anyway, random bodybuilder hunk had a very nice mega-sized ass (here with some more great ass shots of Manek Bedi on the left):

And here's a close-up of the big guy:

And here is Manek getting to fulfill my dreams (and probably not even caring):

What I wouldn't do to trade places (with either one)! Oh, the injustice of the world...

Saleem Elahi

I've had this picture of the Pakistani cricket player Saleem Elahi for a long time; it's always been one of my very favorites. Just because I thought he looked so hunky and had the best and thickest hair ever:

I was reminded of it because this picture of him was in the paper yesterday - he sure looks different, all rough and manly:

I went out and managed to find just one butt pic of him, and it's a pretty darn good one:

Yeah....I think I'll keep him.

Ayub Khan and Mohnish Behl in "Jaane Jigar" (1998)

Yes, Ayub is a fat, little dumpling:

But I have a certain fondness for little dumplings (brown-skinned ones anyway). And isn't he handsome and doesn't he have the most gorgeous smile?

If I like him, then there must be at least one other guy out there somewhere who does, too (and this is for you, buddy). He has a very-nicely rounded backside as well:

And wore possibly the tightest pair of jeans in the history of jeans:

How did he even get those on?? If only all guys wore them like that!

My pal Mohnish was unusually cast as the bad guy and didn't have much of a part, but he managed to get in a few butt shots himself:

That's him on the left in white, Ayub on the right.

I have a short break from Hindi studies for a few days, so maybe I can fit in a few extra posts now. I've barely even had time to watch a single film all week!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Manek

Here is that short scene from last night I was trying to upload - Manek Bedi in "Jaane Jigar":


Now THAT is a butt to dream about!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Manek Bedi in "Jaane Jigar" (1998)

So, to whom does that beautiful hairy chest I posted last night belong?? Well, I ordered this old action flick because it had my Mohnish, as well as old fave Ayub Khan in it. It started out great with a big giant of a guy (more tomorrow) and this cute, young guy with a fantastically hairy chest and a great butt in tight jeans. What could be better? Well, I kept thinking, "He looks just like Rajat Bedi"! So I looked him up and he was none other than Rajat's brother Manek!! Wow, what genes they have in that family!

I love the hair. I don't think that he's as gorgeous as Rajat, but he is extremely cute. Or course, Rajat rarely takes his shirt off and shaves his chest when he does, while Manek likes to display his big, manly hairy chest whenever he can:

Now, here's the situation. You find yourself alone with nice boy Manek in a lonely cave in wet clothes. He takes his off and he's wanting a little loving. This is what you're looking at:

Now, what do you do? Well, if you're that retarded young woman, you throw a hissy fit and tell him to get lost! Or, if you're me, you do anything he wants, start setting up household in the cave and never let him out of your sight again. Jeez, another blown story line. These directors.

Also unlike his brother, Manek has a nice butt. And he shows it off in very tight jeans:

(Yes, she took a pass on that).

Again, I ask the younger crowd - you'd rather have your guys dress in baggy hip-hop shorts, than have them all looking like that!?!?

Manek also wore some funny pants (don't know what you'd call these), but you could see a little bit of his frontal equipment as well:

Needless to say, I've been doing a lot of imagining about being in the middle of a Bedi brother sandwich! Manek has definitely joined my harem (and I know none of you have ever heard of him before, so too late! He's completely mine.).

I was going to load a short video of his butt in motion, but the video upload thing isn't working. I'll try again tomorrow.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Coming Attraction

Sorry, no time to finish my post tonight - but I have something VERY GOOD for tomorrow. It concerns this guy:

A new discovery, and is he ever HOT!!! Can anyone guess who he is??

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bikram Saluja Pics

OK, I'll take pity on everyone and add the few remaining Bikram pics in my collection that I haven't used yet. He seems to be the overall favorite here, and is there any question why?

Here he is with his "wife", although it's he and Rohit who seem to be more into each other:

And here he is, again with that woman, who I can't stand (through no fault of her own, though):

I love how the hair on his arm continues all the way up into his shirt. And he looks so good with the beard (I mean the one on his face).

I'm afraid that's it, I have no more Bikram pics at all - not until he makes another movie, or the Playgirl issue hits the stands!

Dharmendra in "Izzat" (1968)

Yes, it was another one of those old film days for me. Groan all you want, but I love the men from this era. I read some review of the new movie "Heyy, Baby" and the reviewer said it was like "Three Boys and a Baby", "because there aren't any men in Bollywood anymore". She's right - most of the stars are boyish-looking these days. You have to go back in time to find these real men.

When Dharmendra first appeared, I thought, "Wow, I never realized he was so dark before":

Of course, it turned out to be make-up. He was playing two brothers with different mothers, one light, one dark. See, there's nothing boyish about him, he's all man:

And he's got a man's butt to prove it:

Ayayayayay, I'm feeling faint. And what I wouldn't give to trade places with this actress:

Of course, she didn't know what to do, given the opportunity. Bevakoof. Well, perhaps she is missing the proper equipment.