Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Arya Babbar in "Ab Ke Baras" (2002)

I have a hairy-chested pic of Arya Babbar emerging from a swimming pool, and it was so impressive that I had to hunt down his films. It turned out that scene wasn't taken from this movie, so I'll save it, but he's only made about three films, so it should't be too hard to locate.

In "Ab Ke Baras", he impressed me simply with his beautiful face. Very Karan Nath-like, although a bit hairier and, thus, sexier:

He actually kept reminding me quite a bit of Andy Roddick. I kept thinking that all he needed was an earring to look perfect, so they obliged me with a reincarnation flashback:

Now, if that's not sexy, what is? He's kind of a small-framed guy:

And his butt could best be described as "cute", not my favorite term in that respect (but here are a couple of shots "for the record"):

Those dasterdly British jailers knew what to do with him!!

[OK, I just made that up, don't go rent the movie in hopes of seeing anything!]

Oh, Arya, I think I can come up with a few things!!!

Rajat showed up unexpectedly in this one, too - he's not even in the online credits. But, Rajat, gorgeous man that you are, eat something! Develop some butt exercises with your trainer!!

If you keep it in that sorry flat condition, Mehmood's going to become Briyanshu Man of the Year before you ever do!

Manoj Kumar and Mehmood in "Neel Kamal" (1968)

It looks like I'm only amusing myself here! That's OK. I guess I can't expect many people these days to get excited over Manoj Kumar or Mehmood. Plus, I've lost half my audience each time I go on vacation!

Well, I like Manoj Kumar. I think he's handsome and manly in a way that they just don't make guys anymore. He reminds me of the way men were when I was a kid. The clothes and the build and I don't know what else.

Don't know if I've ever seen him take his shirt off (maybe in "Shaheed"?), but he's got a nice patch of hair there:

He definitely needs a haircut, though. I love this kind of men's outfit, not sure what it's called:

It's sexy, but it covers every inch of a guy's body, so I guess that's not so good. How am I going to judge their butt that way? Speaking of which:

Nice dimensions - but the pants aren't tight enough.

As for Mehmood - he's one of those guys that I think only I find sexy. He's soooooooo hairy looking. I mean, just look at his arm:

It's like a gorilla. I'm in love. Here he is wearing another type of sexy South Asian costume:

Don't know what that one's called either, although for an American like me, I'd have to think of it as "Sinbad wear". I know he's supposed to be a fat clown, but as I've said before, a brown belly covered with black hair is the height of sexiness for me:

And there's that hairy arm again. Have I made it clear yet that I like general hirsuteness in a man? Well, perhaps I just need 100 more posts on the subject to make it perfectly clear.

"Neel Kamal" was actually an extremely entertaining film. There aren't many of these 3-hour films that don't catch me looking at the clock now and then, but this was one of them. The first of two Indian reincarnation pics I saw in the last few days. That has to be the explanation for me - there's some Himanshu in some Indian village and we were lovers in a past life, but separated, killed even! And now he is calling me to him and I can't resist.

Men of "Border Hindustan Ka" (2003)

I got this for Akshaye and then was pleasantly surprised to find my own Rajah Rajat in it as well! A perfect two-fer. But how can you have an army movie, and nobody take their clothes off? That's un-American! Where were the barracks shower scenes? Shirtless guys running around in their boxer shorts? I don't understand the concept here.

Akshaye actually only had a minor role. He played a good Muslim Pakistani guy who was engaged to the main girl. There were a few shots of his ample chest hair sticking out of his shirt:

What a beautiful thick carpet! The heroine in this movie was all set to marry him and her parents were happy with the choice. But, in one of the strangest and most unbelievable plots turns in history, she takes a trip to India, takes one look at this...

...falls head-over-heels in love with him and completely forgets about Akshaye!! Now, who could possibly believe that? Akshaye even had the nicer character in the movie. I don't mean to be mean or anything, but some guys were meant to be movie stars and some weren't. And poor Faisal wasn't. I can only assume that the director accidentally sent Akshaye's part to Faisal and vice-versa, and then was too embarrassed to admit the mistake.

As for Rajat, well, I can only imagine what I would think if this was what was facing me on my wedding night!

Probably, "God, Jesus Almighty! Thank you Lord!!". Or something to that effect, you know, in Hindi. I would probably faint from happiness before he could even get started. Just look at what an excellent body he has, in addition to that beautiful, sexy face:

Butt, the director didn't have him turn around in those nice jeans. That's all right, I'll see a lot more of him than that tonight in my private little dream movie, "Wedding Night with Rajat".

Monday, July 30, 2007

Amitabh Bachchan and Ranjeet in "Khoon Pasina" (1977)

What I've always liked about Amitabh the most is his pitch black hair:

He seems to have a nice, hairy chest as well (though can't remember ever having seen it uncovered):

And, just as I said with Vinod, why didn't you give us a few more Abhisheks out of there, Amitabh? Think what Abhishek's brothers could have looked like!

His legs are too tall and lean for my tastes, but his ass ain't bad:

Not that he can compare with Vinod in that respect, though. On the other hand, Ranjeet can. We already encountered him in "Dharmatma" , showing off quite an amazing derriere. He's definitely not a handsome guy, but I still think he's sexy, especially with his 70's hairy look:

He makes an excellent bad guy in his skintight-but-open-to-the-navel costume:

And he has a very impressive build:

And then, of course, there's that masterpiece of a butt juttin' out:

So, poor uncelebrated Ranjeet, I, Briyanshu, am here to rescue you from oblivion and give you the recognition you deserve!

Trip to California

I had a really good time on my trip. I drove over with some older cousins. We had a surprise party for my aunt, which was a lot of fun. We started thinking it might not be a good idea to surprise an 80-year-old, but she was fine, and thrilled, of course. I had no idea some of my cousins had grown to be such hunks. My entire family is blond and fair, so they're not my type, but the one little 20-year-old Marine was even tempting me. He was short, and extremely muscular. So I spent most of the time talking to him, of course. And there's also one cousin who's my age with a granite jaw and strong, hairy arms, but 100% straight and very unapproachable, even as a cousin.

We were staying in a hotel in Irvine, which I understand has a large Indian population (had to work that in somehow). So the morning of the party, there was a huge Indian wedding going on at the hotel. They even had the horse with the umbrella and everything. If I hadn't had to go to the surprise party, I would have gate-crashed the wedding, 'cause I haven't actually been to a real one, only seen them in the movies.

I'm one of the few people in the world who doesn't care for California. I lived there for five years as a kid in beautiful Santa Barbara, but something about it never suited me (I'm certainly not a beach lover). However, on this trip, I noticed how full of dark and hairy handsome men LA was now - I might just have to rethink things! All these guys of Hispanic and Indian and Iranian descent everywhere you looked - California might be just the place for me now!

The Orgy Scene in "Zinda Dil" (2006)

Wow!!! Finally a gay orgy scene in an Indian film! I know how they feel:

If I were in India, this is pretty much how I'd spend my day, too!

Add on a hot Sikh in a turban:

The scene's climatic moment:

I have such a military fetish - this director has just satisfied me on all points!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vinod Khanna in "Khoon Pasina" (1977)

Vinod Khanna continues to amaze me in every film. It's easy to see where Akshaye and Rahul got their overabundance of sexiness from. In this movie, he was supposed to be older, so they greyed out his hair a bit:

I liked this shot, so manly and handsome - but I wasn't even sure it was him at first, because he looked so different in profile:

I haven't been focusing enough on this area of men's anatomy:

He just got two sons out of that? I think, like Upen, he should be assigned to populating the Earth with what he's got there, you know, doing his duty and making the world a better place.

By far the best sequence in the movie was when he went shirtless for boxing practice. No shaving here! And his big '70's moustache is too groovy. This scene went on for several minutes and I could have made 100 caps, but here are a few samples:

If you like seeing Vinod shirtless (could there be someone who doesn't?), then you need to run and get a copy of this movie!

Not only does he have that amazing hairy chest, but he continues to redefine the term "nice ass":

Look how it just juts straight out:

And what he could do to leisure wear!

Amitabh's great, but it's Vinod that keeps drawing all my attention in their films together. And to think he's only around 60! I'll consider him still fully eligible for my harem.

More tomorrow - I'm too sleepy after my trip today to look at the computer anymore.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Briyanshu on Vacation (yes, again)

It's family night out tonight and then I'm off to California for the weekend, so no Briyanshu Blog until Sunday or Monday. :( And too bad, too, 'cause I had such good stuff ready! I'm driving with some cousins to a little family reunion in beautiful downtown Encino for my aunt's 80th birthday. Should be fun, although I kinda just want to sit home and watch movies. You know, for a change.

See you all when I get back, thanks for continuing to read my ramblings!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Arbaaz and Upen

Again, Arbaaz is hot, but you have to put your hand over Upen to realize it. Upen, handsomest man who ever lived in the entire galaxy, outdoes even himself in this pic:

He takes perfection to an entirely new level. I am so lucky he is my boyfriend.