Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Briyanshu on Vacation

I'm sorry to relate that I will be taking a vacation until the weekend of July 7-8, so there won't be any more posts until then. I'm off to visit family for several days of rest and relaxation. Thanks to my loyal readers and commenters, the last month has been fun, and I hope to pick up where I left off next week.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rohit or Arbaaz?

I admit to knowing next to nothing about Rohit Roy (or Ronit for that matter, are they brothers, twins?). I just know that he looks as handsome as any model in this picture. Arbaaz doesn't fare so well in comparison, but he actually looks fine if you cover up Rohit with your hand. Those nice thick eyebrows - he's just missing his moustache. He really needs that moustache.

They look to me (as an American, I mean) like perfect archetypes for the main two types of Indians - Hindu on the left, Muslim on the right.

And the correct answer is easy: both!!

The Best Bollywood Scene Ever

No, it's not some glitzy song or dance number, it's this short and poignant scene from "Dancer". Akshay's mom has just been released from prison for a crime she didn't commit (of course), so they are reunited for the first time in probably 15 years. He lays his head in her lap and she massages his scalp while he falls asleep. She continues to massage him even after a scorpion comes up and bites her several times on the toe. For several more hours, in fact. When Akshay finally wakes up and sees all the blood on the floor, she just says something like, "Oh, it's nothing". Now there is true devotion!

On the other hand, if I were Akshay's mother, or brother, or cousin, or the postman, or a stranger from off the street, I might be inclined to do exactly the same thing. It's not every day you're going to get to hold Akshay's head in your lap.

I have used this scene as an example to workmates when they have been complaining. I say, "In India, a mother will bite her lip and bear the sting of a scorpion, rather than wake her son from his sleep". I haven't tried that one on my mom yet, though.

Random Indian Hunk of the Week IV

Yet another Indian man who approaches perfection for me. I don't think there's a single thing about him that I would change. He's a grad student at a US university and how I would like to be in his class!

Akshay Kumar in "Dancer" (1991)

I guess this was Akshay's second film, and he's his young beautiful self in it:

Unfortunately for this blog's purposes, he pretty much keeps the clothes on in this one. He does always wear an open shirt showing a bit of his hairy chest, and also has one dance number in just a vest, but he's always too far from the camera to get a good cap of it. I do have to say, though, that he has great hair:

He wears a lot of silly '80's outfits, like this space suit (which does show off his butt very well, that is, if you can see it):

He does a little showing off of his biceps:

And I'd sure like to see him in this position more often, up close and personal-like:

Kind of a fun little film, at any rate.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Manoj Kumar in "Anita" (1967)

I am a big fan of Manoj Kumar. He, along with Rajendra Kumar and Dharmendra, form my '60's triumverate. I think he has a very handsome face and he reminds of the way men were when I was little. They all seemed to have that thick, wide build that you don't see nearly as much these days. Or maybe it's just the clothes that remind me of that era, I'm not sure.

[First two pics above are actually from "Upkar" (1967)]. Now, he is definitely a dough boy, almost the very definition of it. But of course I really like that, especially when it means a well-padded behind:

And I loved that cop. As you can see, he was actually even bigger than Manoj. He reminded me a little of that guy from "Lagaan" a few posts ago, the same type anyway. Nice hairy gorilla arms:

The movie itself was terrible, I ended up fast-forwarding through half of it. Funny, after Tux just mentioned Sadhana the other day, this turned out to be the first film of hers I had seen. Not sure if one of the many hairstyles she had in the film was her famous one, though. I'll agree that she was very beautiful.

Rajat Bedi in "Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa" (2002)

The misuse (or nonuse) of Rajat Bedi in this film borders on the criminal. Covered from chin to toe at all times, he might as well have worn a burqa. He's playing a terrorist, but he looks like a runway model in every shot:

I mean, turtlenecks, for Christ's sake!! Nothing to do but post this stray pic of him shirtless (if shaven):

Don't know what movie that's from, but I feel better now.

Karan Nath in "Yeh Dil Ashiqanaa" (2002)

I have to say that this film was a disappointment. Both Karan Nath AND Rajat Bedi and almost nothing to see. The director Kuku Kohli lived up to his name. How could you have those two and not include ANY beefcake??

This wasn't Karan's first film, but it was his step into stardom. You don't have to take my word for it, it said so right in the film:

I still think he's one of the khoobsooratest guys in Bollywood:

I like a man who can threaten with his eyes alone:

He looks really good wet:

And, well, here's how I'd most like to find him:

But that &%(#*$ director!! There is Karan, wearing those tight, tight jeans, looking like he's packin' everything I could ever want into his small frame:

But if he's ever turned around, it's either too far away:

Or, even when right up close and personal, has a shadow across it!!

Purposely trying to disappoint the fans. When I get to Bollywood, I'm going to put a stop to this kind of nonsense. [One thing I will not change, however, is the fine comedy of Johny Lever. You can never have enough Johny Lever in a film. Never.]

Sumanth, Where Have You Been All My Life?

This is Sumanth, Nagarjuna's nephew. He has everything I like. Films on order!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Hidden World of "Parvarish" (1977)

"Parvarish" has already been written about extensively, for instance, at Beth Loves Bollywood. However, using startling new techniques, scientists are beginning to uncover entirely new images, long thought lost to time. Thanks to modern technology, you will witness moments that have gone unseen for over 30 years......until now.

I. The Restoration Project: Vinod Khanna

Parts of the film were still in decent shape:

While others required only small amounts of pinching and tweaking:

However, one lengthy scene had darkened in some places to near total blackness, at best only hinting at the pleasures contained within:

With restoration, the actor Vinod Khanna can finally appear in his full glory, the way he was always meant to be seen:

Small details now bounce right out at you, and previously unknown figures in the scene are uncovered, such as this gorilla man:

This shark which leaves no reflection (the vampire shark of Indian legend?):

And then, most surprisingly of all, Vinod's sudden costume change into a frizzy wig with inflatable bust and built-in lethal aerosal spray:

II. The Restoration Project: Amitabh Bachchan

In this part of the project, extra-slow motion stop cameras were used to get some excellent photos of Amitabh's ass:

Funding for this project came from the Rockefeller Foundation, National Geographic, PBS, and viewers like you. Thank you.

Dharmendra in "Anupama" (1966)

A short interlude here for a very sweet film I saw this weekend, "Anupama". Dharmendra again playing the husband I wish I'd had (if I'd been 20-30 years older).

There is a man's man. He's not even afraid to tell his girlfriend's dad that he's taking his daughter whether he likes it or not!

He's not actually in jail in the scene above, although I think I'll go to bed tonight dreaming that he was my cellmate and we both had life sentences.

Now, women will seldomly figure in this blog, but one that I love watching is Sharmila Tagore. I don't even know that I really find her beautiful, maybe I just have something for Cleopatra eye makeup and huge hair (I also like Amy Winehouse). Or maybe it's just trying to imagine Saif Ali (or anyone) growing up with her for a mom. She's always a bit mysterious, like a traditional East Asian woman in a kimono, never letting anyone know what she's thinking. Anyway, she was playing my character exactly in this movie, so I enjoyed the whole thing immensely (especially that part about winding up with Dharmendra).