Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vinod Khanna in "Khoon Pasina" (1977)

Vinod Khanna continues to amaze me in every film. It's easy to see where Akshaye and Rahul got their overabundance of sexiness from. In this movie, he was supposed to be older, so they greyed out his hair a bit:

I liked this shot, so manly and handsome - but I wasn't even sure it was him at first, because he looked so different in profile:

I haven't been focusing enough on this area of men's anatomy:

He just got two sons out of that? I think, like Upen, he should be assigned to populating the Earth with what he's got there, you know, doing his duty and making the world a better place.

By far the best sequence in the movie was when he went shirtless for boxing practice. No shaving here! And his big '70's moustache is too groovy. This scene went on for several minutes and I could have made 100 caps, but here are a few samples:

If you like seeing Vinod shirtless (could there be someone who doesn't?), then you need to run and get a copy of this movie!

Not only does he have that amazing hairy chest, but he continues to redefine the term "nice ass":

Look how it just juts straight out:

And what he could do to leisure wear!

Amitabh's great, but it's Vinod that keeps drawing all my attention in their films together. And to think he's only around 60! I'll consider him still fully eligible for my harem.

More tomorrow - I'm too sleepy after my trip today to look at the computer anymore.


Tux said...

welcome back.....write something bout ur trip...VK was far more handsome in when was younger akbar anthony...dayavan...or may be earlier ones..

Briyanshu said...

I've been watching some of his earlier ones. Saw AAA a long time ago - need to get it again.

I'll write a little about my trip later today.

Beth said...

I'm watching this right now and cannot believe you did not post a picture of him in his leather suit with leopard print trim. But it _was_ nice of you to leave something for me to write about since the movie is so forgettable otherwise :)

Briyanshu said...

Hmm, I can't remember that outfit - but I don't often do fashion critiques anymore. But how can a movie with a shirtless boxing scene ever be forgettable??? :)