Friday, July 13, 2007

Himanshu Malik - The Underwear Scene from "Khwahish" (2003): The Director's Cut

In a previous post, I presented various short photo essays on Himanshu Malik's stellar performance in "Khwahish". But I felt that I didn't do justice to him in his best scene (plus, "himanshu underwear khwahish" is the number one Google search finding my site). So, here it is again, in a new extensive Director's Cut Edition.

It's been some time since I saw the movie, so I'm kind of going by memory on this. The scene begins with Himanshu walking in on his roommates playing strip poker (notice shirtless guy on left, guy with bulge in underwear on right):

Himanshu immediately says (as he always does), "Damn, I lose" and starts taking off his pants:

The guy on the left says something like, "Man, take that thing away from me". The other guys just ignore him (like they always do). So he moves up closer and says, "Don't you want it?"

And the guy on the right says, "Yeah, yaar, like we haven't all had it 100 times already". So Himanshu sits down and puts on his t-shirt, getting ready to go out.

He says, "Well, I'll just go down to Briyanshu's place again, he's always willing":

And then the guy on the right says, "Yeah, but he's such a whore, you'll probably find half the actors in Bollywood there" and the others laugh.

Although this was based on a true story, just to set the facts straight, on that night, only Bikram and Vivek were with me when Himanshu showed up.

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