Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Few Last Pics from that Tamil Film

The camera panned past this young college student really quickly, so the pics are a bit blurred, but he's quite the model-handsome, muscular little stud:

The pics don't do him justice. I would make the best talent scout in the Indian film industry (if all the films were male-only, of course).

There was a scene of the men dancing around shirtless, but it was too far away:

What is the point of that!?! These directors, what in the hell.

But the best part was this little bit, answering that age-old question, "What do men wear under their lungi?"

I am visualizing an entire dance number for my new film based on those images...

One last pic:

Oooohhh, I am soooooo going to tell Beth on you!!!


Beth said...

Love it! She is in such trouble.

Briyanshu said...

Glad I reported it! Wasn't sure if being part of a film made it A-OK.