Friday, June 8, 2007

Ode to a Hairy Indian

You know, yet another nice thing about many Indian men is that they can be quite hairy. For me, a guy CANNOT be too hairy, it’s impossible. I’ve seen Iranian and Caucausus-region guys who are covered like a gorilla (and I think that’s bahut sexy). For instance, see this amazing wrestling video between two werewolves: Ketoev vs. Mindorashvili. Or this awesome pic of a young man from that area:

Could anything possibly be sexier than that? Not as far as I'm concerned! I think a good sign indicating whether a man is going to be generally hirsute is if the hair on his arm continues up above the elbow, as we see here on Bikram Saluja the Magnificent:

Unfortunately, from an interview with him I read today, it doesn't sound like he plans to take anything off at all in his films. Sigh. There just doesn't seem to be much point in developing a body like that if you're going to keep it all to yourself!

I did once have a student worker from Chennai who was the hairiest guy I think I’ve ever seen, and I definitely had a hard time concentrating when he was about. His legs were a glorious forest of black hair. The funny thing about him, though, was that his outer earlobes were also both covered with black hair! I’ve never seen that before on anyone. I wouldn’t exactly say that was sexy, and I was surprised that he didn’t try to remove it, because I’m sure most people looking at him must have thought it was somewhat revolting. However, by coincidence, I did see the other day that the Guinness Record Book holder for "longest ear hair" was also an Indian (who is quite proud of it): Radhakant (caution advised).

Now, the best part of an extremely hairy man (IMHO) is an extremely hairy a**. You always know a guy will has one if he has that little patch of hair on his lower back just above his waistline. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to be seeing many of these in Hindi films anytime soon, and I couldn't post them here anyway.

It appears that the number one way people are finding my blog is by typing “Akshay Kumar hairy” into search engines, so to end this subject for tonight, here’s my favorite pic to oblige:


gaykarma said...


Dude - you sure are big time into us Indian men.......

I enjoyed reading your blogs. I agree - men without hair are not men!

However, I do think there is certain point beyond which it just become revolting - like the one you mentioned about the guys ears covered by hair....eeks!

See an Akshaye Khanna movie.....Dil Chahta Hai (probably his best to date) - I promise you won't be disappointed - especially if u can see him with his shirt off!


PS : A clean shaven (face only!!) Bikram Saluja beats Karan Nath for me anyday!

Briyanshu said...

Oh, man, I was thinking of making "guys with hot ear hair" a weekly feature! Bummer. :) Actually I have "Dil Chahta Hai" and I don't even remember that scene! Have to get that one back out. Bikram's manlier, I admit, but Karan is just too perfect.

gaykarma said...

Don't know if DCH has any scenes of Akshaye with his shirt off....I only wanted to bring him back to your attention! He surely deserves a mention....what do you have to say?

Hmm.....I really need to where rack my brains now on where did I see that scene/pic of Akshaye without his shirt......maybe I can then rack something else as well..:) (blush!)

Mike said...

Real men are proud of their chest hair. Don't like the back hair, but a man should love being a man!

ThomasWinston said...

I am just glad to find a few other guys who are really into other Indian men! I thought I was ALONE! The links and pics on your blog have prompted me to spend hours searching other information - and images!

Hairy said...

I am right there with you guy. I love Indian men. I spend as much time with my indian lover. He is hairy and absolutely amazing. I have pics of us together. Anyhow, I love this blog. Great pics and great research!

Briyanshu said...

Hairy - I am completely green with envy!!! Glad you're enjoying the blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Indians smell bad, and all of them have hair on their ears. eeehr.
sorry for being honest.
persians are nice... but not indian, not even for a milion

Briyanshu said...

I couldn't agree with you less!!!

Anonymous said...

Even I love a hairy akshay kumar over clean.
I think akshay khanna has shown his hairy body in his movie with madhuri and sanjay kapoor (oh baby dont break my heart -song)
the hairiest indian hero has to be anil kapoor....but that is too much hair


Briyanshu said...

I guess that must have been "Mohabbat" - I've seen it, but haven't had it on the blog - I'll have to get it again!

In my opinion, there isn't such a thing as "too much hair"!

Happy Gay said...

It Out

Briyanshu said...

Thanks HG! Bikram is probably in my top five men - great video!!

David said...

YUMMMMMM!!! ;-P I know that levels of hirsuteness attraction are truly a personal issue, butt I am a man that feels HAIRINESS is one of the most masculine features of a man! Recently shaving everything has become a fad of fancy with many guys, but I know that won't last since shaving even our faces old.
Your Indian man is just about as handsome as men are created. You are a lucky guy man. Thank you for sharing his images with us. I also find Mid-Eastern, Spanish, Brazilian, Aboriginal, & hairy African men!
Next on my list is also a masculine feature we were born with; intact foreskin. Why are Americans so prone to mutilate infant boys & cry fowl when women overseas are circumcised?
...but I digress; I have never met a man that was too hairy. Thank you Lord!

Anonymous said...

Akshaye Khanna's first film 'Himalayaputra' has a scene where his hairy chest is shown for some minutes (a song sequence, if I remember correctly). Could someone please retrieve it and let us all feast our eyes on that hairy chest? Sadly, all these hairy-chested Indian heroes are now shaving their chests clean; from Akshay Kumar, to Sanjay Dutt, to Salman Khan, to even Anil Kapoor. The only one who keeps his hair on is Sunny Deol.