Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Hairy Chests of Cricket

There's nothing like a dark-haired man with a hairy chest! Here are a few pics I collected on the Internet of various hirsute, hunky cricketers. Harbhajan Singh has a nice, sexy trail:

Shoaib Akhtar, now there's one manly stud:

And the darker the hair, the more I love it. VVS Laxman:

Darker still, Zaheer Khan:

Zaheer again on the left, and darkest and sexiest of all, Robin Uthappa (on the right):

Forgive me, oh my mahastud Mahendra, but Robin's out-sexying you in this picture by a mile.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Shohaib pic. I love that man. I always wanted to see his hairy chest. Beautiful hairy chest, great nips, amazing arms, I could eat that man :) Thanks again Briyanshu :)

ramo said...

I will take that man standing infront of Shoaib. Rest are your, enjoy!

And by the way, I didn't know our skinny cricketers are in reality 'Oh my God's.

And I agree, Dhoni is total disappointment.

gaykarma said...

Thanks for this different perspective on our cricketers. A real eye-opener to say the least!

Zaheer....oh my god! It took an American to discover you.

Forgive your fellow country men....won't you..please.

Briyanshu said...

Ramo, leave it to you to pick the most nondescript guy in the selection! :)

GayKarma - I saw a very cute TV clip of Zaheer, where an Indian girl was holding up a "I love you Zaheer" sign at a match and the TV camera put her on the big screen and his teammates teased him about it. And I think Zaheer air-kissed her or something and she was really embarrassed. And then maybe her brothers killed him, not sure.... ;)

Anonymous said...

These men are simply superb.